Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Fascinating Insights about Color in Fashion, Making Statements with Color, and More!

Welcome everybody, thank you for stopping by! This post is about color and how color can be a way of expressing your true unique style. It didn't dawn on me until a few weeks ago how important it is to find your signature color palette whether it be in anything from fashion, art, or interior design. In the entrepreneurial world, I found that color truly defines you and can also help you make the right statement.

We spend a lot of time searching for ways to express our individuality and how it can be done in a creative, eye-catching, traffic stopping sort of way. An insight I gained while on my recent travels to South Beach Miami (perhaps I'm still there mentally) awakened me to realize how the colors in someone's ensemble can either make them vanish in the background or stand out of the crowd.
In terms of styling, everything is about color when it all comes down to it. We pair accessories that we know will compliment the colors we are or want to wear. Gold looks best with lighter colors while silver looks best with darker colors, but sometimes, it's okay to break those rules dependent upon what you are wearing or what print you are wearing. What I love about fashion is how it relates so much to art; heck, fashion is art! 

The photo above is of a model wearing one of my older dresses that sold faster than a hotcake at a festival, it was amazing, but, as you can see there are bright colors and black is also mixed in with the red and white. Anything with black and white mixed in (or not) can be accessorized in multiple ways. Her shoes with the hint of yellow and the same white in the dress truly enhances her look!

I realized I loved black and white in the last month or so though while I was in South Beach Miami on a much, much needed vacation. Every place I went into seemed to have this black and white theme going on, with small splashes of color. I drooled over every place I went to, seriously, (not too seriously though, figurative speech). A certain place I went to called Fountaine Bleau in South Beach opened my eyes to realize how much I loved those color combos, so-much-so, I wanted to apply them to my brand, my clothing, my website...everything! Interior design and fashion design go hand-in-hand and are the most inspiring. Color is a way to simplify things yet dramatize them at the same time! (View my photos of Fountaine Bleau below, and you will experience this inspiration too)! And, if you have the opportunity, I'd recommend staying at that hotel, WOWZA!
The entire time while in Fountaine Bleau, I kept thinking about how stunning black and white always is, especially mixed with just one or two colors. You can really make many statements when you wear black and white. Even if that is your main aesthetic (or what you find beautiful) mixing many colors, but with black and white being most predominant, makes accessorizing a challenge; a fun challenge. Check out below an example of a dress I designed with black and white and multiple colors. I chose a photo shoot location with lots of white in the background to make the colors in this style explode, and WOW, they exploded all right!

This model was smart in how she styled herself for this shoot. She selected a color in the dress to highlight, being a pale pink (as seen in the dress) giving it a more feminine look. She colored her nails the same way to highlight a beautiful part of the dress, but her toes matched the bold magenta mixed in the dress, which draws attention to another pretty part it. What's awesome about this style is ALL the ways you can accessorize it to make your features stand out more. Let's face it, our bodies are like color palettes  and every THING we wear we do so with color in mind and apply them to ourselves! Don't be afraid to add drama and excitement to your wardrobe using color or hues to express something unique about you! It took a lot of visiting of places, traveling, and collaborations to see how I could stand apart from others in a crowded industry, 
and color is one way to stand out for the better! 

Thank you for reading and feel free to comment! Check back often for more posts and I hope this insightful post about color gave you some insights too!

*Photos in this post all taken by Tessa Koller

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