Thursday, July 23, 2015

7 Ways to Rock Solid Colored Looks

You want to wear an all solid ensemble, a color that is your favorite, and a style you know will make a statement. But, you are at a loss about what to do with the solid colored look. Well, first let me tell you, an all solid colored ensemble can make the most powerful statement of all. Some people like wearing solid colors, but I love wearing solids and patterns; doing so adds versatility to your wardrobe, I think! In terms of wearing solid colors, I am not talking about the over-done, head-to-toe, all black look. No. An actual color, like blue (or another color). So, I have style tips that will make your solid color look like a million bucks and make a powerful statement!

1. Makeup: With solid colors, wear a more nude makeup color palette. Trust me on this. Don't match your makeup to the color WITH the ensemble. Every time my partner in crime (not literally!) wants me to wear blue shadow with like an all blue outfit, gosh, I'm like...NO! That would be a (fashion) crime. If you are wearing blue, or even purple, opt for a light(er) or more natural colored shadow, like brown or a neutral tone. Neutral usually always wins. Additionally, nude lips with some shine also compliments a solid colored look. Then again, a pale pink can too. Think NATURAL!
2. Your accessories should make a great statement with your look. With an all solid colored look, you might not want to wear solid colored shoes. If it's spring or summer, or even fall, I'd wear shoes like in this photo below. Wear interesting shoes with cutouts (if you can).
Cutout heels would go great with this look. With the color blue, you can wear black or white heels. Silver also looks fabulous with blue! Rock those cool colors (especially if you have cool colored skin tone) which, leads to the next one.
3. Skin tone: thinking about skin tone is equally important. If you have a warm colored skin tone, wear warm colors. Even if you have cooler skin tone, there are warm colors you could wear if you want more with your wardrobe, obviously, but like me, I have to choose very, very wisely on that one. I am a cool skin-toned gal, so I opt for blues, purples, deep magenta colors.
4. Fair or pale skin tone: Since I am an extremely fair skinned individual, when I wear bold colors like deep hues such as blue, purple or even deep teals, I make sure to apply some tanning lotion to my legs and arms before dressing for a little tan glow. (No, for health reasons, I avoid the sun). A little tan just unifies everything and makes you look great.  
5. Be BOLD: Yes, Coco Chanel really believed in being bold, and so do I! It's OK to wear bold colors especially with an all solid colored outfit. With a look like my blue dress in this post, it's a great idea to find the SAME blue color in a handbag. That's one way to make a bold statement. I wouldn't add too many colors in my accessories (just my opinion)! And, if you wish to wear matching shoes, you can wear the same blue in those shoes, but when I shop for accessories, I take a more minimalist approach or a more simplistic approach! Wear a shoe that has mostly small straps with the same, spot on color of the outfit. 
6. Take risks (not to take the wrong risks). Think of colors that go with blue-like brown. For some reason, the blue with brown works (when done right)! It all depends on what your style is. Blue and brown work really well, though. Your accessories could have brown in them, like if you want to pair a brown belt with the look, or brown handbag maybe with that same blue in it. 
7. And lastly, hair, what to do with hair! When wearing solid colors, you don't want a crazy, wacky hairstyle that clashes with the simplicity and elegance of a solid color look. Like the model in these photos, see how she is wearing a simple pony tail? I'm not saying...ALWAYS wear the pony tail! I'm saying, choose hairstyles that are chic and sleek, and simple, especially if your accessories have some spice to them! A hair style can be a great way to balance (or destroy) an entire look. 
I hope that was helpful and you enjoyed this post! How do you rock an all solid color ensemble? Leave them in the comments below, I may add them in this post later on (and, credit as well as link your blog) on my website! Have a wonderful rest of the week!  

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