Friday, July 31, 2015

A Functional Summer-Fall Must-Have Item

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In your wardrobe, you want your outfits to function in multiple ways, don't you? Fashion isn't only just about "the look of the garment", it's also about how it does (or doesn't) function. You want more with your clothing and the sweater pictured in this post is the most functional apparel item which can be worn ALL four seasons-and, it's a must-have by the Tessa Koller brand, and you'll see why.

What's nice about this sweater is, it can be layered underneath for extra warmth or worn by itself. It's light fabric, has a nice drape and fits well with other items. On a cool spring day or night, you can wear it with multiple layers. Even those warm summer days that have that little chill in the wind, a sweater like this will fit any occasion without fail. In fact, I'll be designing more with the same versatile concept for my fall collection this year! 

Sweater By: Tessa Koller

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