Friday, July 17, 2015

An Essential Wardrobe Item Every Woman Should Own

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Everyone has an item in their wardrobe that is extremely essential, and the blouse pictured above is one of those essential wardrobe items every woman should own. Why, you ask? Blouses are so flattering on a woman's figure, but, not just any blouse. If you notice in this blouse (produced by the Tessa Koller brand) the apparel item nicely accentuates the most beautiful parts of her figure, such as her clavicle, neck and the ever-so-slight curvature in her shoulders. This blouse reveals a woman's good posture and is surely a feel good item. We select and buy clothing that makes us only feel our best in because the way we dress is connected to our overall mental health and well being. If we don't dress well, we don't feel well (about ourselves)! So, this type of blouse will have you feeling your best in seconds. This blouse is that one crucial fashion item we ladies flip for!

As you can see, the shape of the sleeves add a subtle drama in this essential fashion item. Owning a blouse with an evident drape in it adds a nice touch of flow and looks great at both in-door and out-door events. Plus, this type of fabric is so soft and luxurious, you feel like a queen in it! 

Photos above by Tessa Koller   :::   Model: Kelsey     :::     Blouse: Tessa Koller
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