Monday, July 13, 2015

How To Style a Busy Pattern Dress With These Tips!

Styling a busy printed outfit is an art, and I am going to show you how to master styling busy prints like this dress! It's important to have an evident color scheme within the style, which will make the accessorizing part fun and versatile. It takes having an artistic eye to style an item like this!

DRESS: Design By Tessa Koller   :::   SHOES: White Charlotte Russe heels
Model: Kelsey Amber   :::   Photography By: Tessa Koller

I love this dress and the shoes the model wore with it. 
You can get away with wearing white or black shoes with this look, 
or shoes with (the same blue in the dress) if you want to spice up the overall ensemble! 
Tip: It would be wise to keep as much of a minimalist approach 
as possible with busy patterns. By minimalist, I mean, simple, chic, and not clashing. 
Tip: Opt for solid colored shoes with busy outfit patterns, or shoes with only two colors 
in them that match the hues and value scale of the colors already in the dress. 
Tip: Solid colored jewelry would be best with this look. If you want to wear a necklace with this, select one with a solid color like with black (or white or blue). The pendant should have a similar shape as in the pattern in the dress. I have a necklace that has a black rectangular pendant and goes with this effortlessly. The necklace looked as though it came with the dress! I would mostly wear earrings with this style or a belt as the added accessory.

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