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Whatever time you wake up in the morning (before dawn?) you get all styled up hoping that you will maintain your stunning look all throughout the day. But, 12 noon comes around and you've already been swamped with errands, appointments, business meetings and so on, and already, you are looking worn down, and worse, it shows! Do you find yourself starting to fall apart by noon or 2:00 P.M or by the time you return home in the 3, 4, or 5 (or later, in my case) hour? (And, what about those after-work obligations)? Yeah, the ones that have you saying: "WHY TONIGHT?" By that time, though, does your hair look fly away, your eye makeup slightly runny, or your makeup in general has worn off? I've got unique styling tips for you to maintain that stunning look all throughout the day effortlessly and these are things I do throughout my day to stay looking fresh and new from morning to night (especially if it's a busy, chaotic day; this is a must-read)!
The night before your (to-be) busy day: 
1. In purse: add small, travel sized hair gel or spray (by brand of your choice). I do this now and while on my restroom break, I apply just a little bit of it twice a day or less to my hair. I wear pony tails a lot because it's such a chic hairstyle now-days, and if I'm going to have a busy day jam packed with chaos, I select easy to freshen up hairstyles. Pony tails are easiest to freshen up because all I do is apply the gel while sleeking my pony tail back to eliminate fly-away hairs. Takes me only seconds to do in the restroom or in my car in between places.
2. For busy days, wear lip gloss. I know, on busy days you want to look awesome and you want to opt for bold colored lipstick. I wouldn't recommend doing that. Lip gloss or even a balm with slight gloss would be best for a chaotic day! With lip gloss, you can apply frequently throughout the day while in your car, bathroom, or in between breaks. Lip balm (or gloss) is my best friend. The application is quick and you can apply it multiple times a day (quickly)!
3. Have with you at least three pairs of shoesThe night before your busy day, put three pairs of shoes in your car. Seriously. This will make your life easier when you are on the run. If you put on like a black wedge in the morning to wear to a more casual affair, pack chic black heels (that come to a pointed heel) in your car if you are going to places that require you to be more dressed up. Also, have a pair of shoes that are extremely comfortable, but that still look decent on you. Having a few alternative pairs of shoes, sandals or heels in the car saves my life!
4. Always carry a small pair of scissors, always: Yes, I've recently added a small pair of scissors to my purse (which I put in a small plastic case to not damage the inside liner of my bag). You never know what you may need them for, but it helps to have some on you for whatever reason. Say you need to shop for something in the middle of the day, like an emergency shirt/blouse or over-layer of some sort to complete a look. It helps me to have small scissors to cut tags off so you can wear them right out of the store (if needed). You may not even realize how often you might use them or for what!
5. Have a small AND big belt with you: Pack in your car (preferably the night before) a small and big sized belt with you (yes, both sizes). When you are going to different places, belts can add either a dress-up or dress-down effect to your outfit, depending on the style you're wearing. If you want your outfit to have more functionality, belts are a life-savor! 
6. Two different purses or clutches (or both)! The night before, select two purses, or a purse and clutch that will match your outfit. It helps to have two style purses on you. If you are wearing an outfit with mostly black, skip packing two purses/clutches and simply carry an all black clutch. There's something about a black clutch that adds simplicity and elegance to a style with black in it. A huge black bag will just be too much. Options are always helpful, however. And, all I carry with me are my ID card, drivers licence, lip gloss, and other items listed above (which might require like a medium-ish sized purse. If you want to use a small purse, it's best to have everything in travel-mini size.
7. Avoid wearing powdered finished blush: Here is why: when you get all styled up with makeup in the morning, after three hours (or less) your makeup will most likely wear off if it's all a powdered finish. (Depending on makeup brand you are wearing). What I do is: I apply a lot of moisturizer to my face the morning of my busy day, add only foundation and compact (liquid based) long lasting powder. For me though, that's too pale-looking, so I shop L'OREAL makeup because they have this amazing blush that is in between a powder/liquid like consistency (mostly liquid). This stuff lasts for hours! During the day, I've only had to reapply one time. The item is pictured below and it gives my face nice, lasting color. When I use more liquid-based makeup finish, my makeup lasts longer, but everyone is different. Experiment to see what works best for you, but in my experience, liquid-based makeup lasts longer! 
8. Pack mini Q-tip case with tiny, travel size Vaseline in purse: Well, the Q-tips are an obvious need. You can get little Q-tip cases at Walgreens. And Vaseline, well, let me explain that one! Vaseline can act as a makeup remover and work great if you are on the run (and if your eye makeup kinda runs too). Dab a tiny bit of Vaseline on a Q-tip and glide it just under your eyes (not on top of eye-lid, but beneath your lashes on lower lid) only the bottom if you need to even out the bottom of your eyes or if your mascara is running a bit. A tiny bit of Vaseline goes a long way, and for touching up makeup under the eyes, a tiny bit is all you need. Even if I wear waterproof mascara, I find that I do need to do this sometimes when I am really on the move! It works like a charm!

So, I hope those eight styling secrets to staying beautiful while on-the-go all day long helped you! I'm always looking for ways to make life run smoother while I am on the run, and these eight ways help me a lot. Got any other secrets to staying beautiful all day long that are quick, easy and savvy? I would love to hear them in the comments below! Thank you for reading!! 

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