Friday, August 21, 2015

11 Essential Items To Travel With!

Tomorrow morning, I will be heading to Virginia Beach and could NOT be more excited! Golly! I've never been there before and I heard it's amazing. Actually, Virginia Beach attracts almost one million (or more) people throughout the world and my partner and I are checking it will learn why later on. Now though, I want to share the eleven essential items I will be bringing with me on this tropical vacation because they are important items to take with you if you are going to hot-weather places like Virginia Beach! Here are the items below...

1. Large Refillable Water Bottle: Well, this might (or might not) be an obvious one. Most people want to just bring plastic water bottles like Dasani or Aquafina, or something like that, but it is crucial for your health to have a large refillable water bottle that can easily be cleaned, and refilled. This limits contamination (unlike plastic) and will help you maintain hydration while on the run.
2. SPF 100 sunscreen! Yes, SPF 100, (not 30, not 40, or 50) 100! A lot of brands like Neutrogena have come out with SPF 100 sunscreens for maximum protection from those dangerous sun rays. And, when in a hot-weather location, this will protect your skin from getting burnt.
3. Polarized sunglasses: I wouldn't recommend getting plain old sunglasses. There are perfectly affordable sunglasses at Walgreens that are polarized and more protective. Plus, if you drive a lot, polarized sunglasses prevents glare (making driving even safer) and helps you see clearer. 
4. Snorkel gear: I know, those might look funny when swimming, but if you are like me and absolutely need to plug your eyes and nose all the time, those are pretty amazing. Protect your eyes and nose all at the same time with these! This is really an item you can buy at many places and it's your preference where you want to get an item like this pictured below.
5. Something to settle your stomach: Traveling to a tropical or even hot location where there's lots of different types of foods might not always agree with you. It's best to consult with a doc or nutritionist for this one, but what I do is bring something such as a Turmeric or a Ginger supplement because these REALLY settle my stomach if I eat something that disagrees with me. In every different location you travel to, the food will be different too (I know, duh), and if you have a food allergies or tolerance issues, this type of supplement can really help. Everyone is different though, but works wonders for me when I'm on the move and traveling to different locations.
6. iPod/Entertainment: Oh man, imagine traveling long distances without any entertainment. I know every city has their popular music/radio station, but on a long trip, I just want my own music. An iPod is a savior. Wowza! Plus, makes time go faster!
7. Idea Book: When I travel, I NEED some sort of sketch book to draw in while on the road. An entrepreneur's brain is always racing with ideas, so it helps to keep your brain lit up and alert with a sketch book on a long trip. 
8. Pair of comfy (but nice looking) black sandals: For traveling long distances, a nice, but comfy pair of sandals is nice to have with you in your car. You might want to stop somewhere nice on a long trip and I'm sure you won't want to go digging through your suitcase when you need something nice like these sandals. Plus, gosh are they COMFY!
9. Smooth Bristled Hairbrush: I ALWAYS keep on hand (while traveling) a smooth bristle hairbrush that doesn't tug at my hair or cause scalp irritation. Having a nice hairbrush while on the move keeps your hair looking nice no matter where you go. 
10. Waterproof mascara: This can be useful when traveling on a long trip either by car, plain or even while at your hot weather destination.This mascara stays on like glue and you can get waterproof mascara at Walgreens. Everyone prefers different brands, so simply selects what's best for you. 
11. A light fabric, black and white dress. This is a high-low dress I designed for this trip. A lot of people say: BRING THE BLACK DRESS EVERYONE HAS SEEN A MILLION TIMES AGAIN! Well, I don't want to look like I'm going to a business meeting on a vacation, and something black and white that is fun looking or even a dress with lots of color, is needed on a tropical vacation. It helps to think about and research the culture in which you are traveling to and how to fit in appropriately but also stand out with some unique apparel at the same time. 
I hope you found helpful to read! Are you (or have you) traveled anywhere fun this summer and have any ideas on essential items to travel with? I'd love to hear them in the comments below! Also, don't forget to subscribe for more beneficial must-read posts! Also, it might be hard for me to post in the next week or so because I'll be in Virginia Beach, but when I get back, I'll post what I wore on the vacation, what (and who) I saw, and the overall experience. Check my Snapchat @tessakoller for the entire insider scoop of my trip and behind the scenes videos and photos of all the action in the beautiful Virginia Beach! 

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