Thursday, August 20, 2015

5 MUST-KNOW Facts About Your Clothing...

You may not realize exactly how important your clothing is. You also may not know how to increase the longevity of your clothes, and how to maintain that "new" look of them. I've gathered five hugely important facts about your clothing that will change the way you think about them. The five must-know facts are down below. 
1. Denim jeans: It is important to wash denim jeans right after you purchase them (before wearing them). You probably didn't know that there can be a lot of chemicals on your jeans and it is important to wash them ASAP upon purchase. However, if you want your denim jeans to last a good long time, don't go wash crazy. You should wash jeans on rare occasions because over-washing will make them fade or worn out. 

2. Polyester: Polyester is the absolute WORST fabric to wear. It's the worst to wear pretty much any season, and gosh, if you do have polyester items, makes sure they are mixed with other fibers or fabrics such as jersey, rayon or others. Polyester is the kind of fabric that makes you sweat or induces it. Especially don't wear polyester if you are going to be under a hot sun or bright lights. 

3. Knit tees and shirts: It is not a good idea to over-wash knit shirts (long or short sleeves). We all know (I hope) that cotton shrinks if not washed or handled correctly, but you probably didn't know that with knit fabrics, over-washing can lead to color fading (just like denim) AND also make the fibers of the knit weaker. Even if you've only had a long sleeve knit shirt for lets say two months, if washed too much in those two months, it will look old and worn out.  

4. Washing Clothes: When I do laundry, I only wash my clothes on one scheduled day of the week. My day is Sunday. I try to be mindful not to overload my hamper to save water. It is simply a waste of water to do laundry even twice a week. I don't wash more than 2-3 loads a week.

5. Delicate Clothes: Ah, your lovely silks, light shirts and dresses! Folks, make sure not to combine these delicate items with heavier fabrics like knits, double knits or denim. It is so crucially important to wash delicate apparels with delicate apparels only, and small loads. The thing about delicate clothing is, if it is miss-handled or not washed correctly, this could result in snagging and unraveling of sewn thread in the wash. Also, delicate fabrics like chiffon may also fray in the wash if handled poorly. 

I hope those facts about your clothes were insightful! Another post is coming shortly about a new item for my pre-fall collection! Did you catch my Snapchat yesterday? I'm @tessakoller, definitely follow because you get first glimpse of EVERYTHING I produce! Also, be sure to subscribe here and get first dibs on all sorts of good stuff!  

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