Thursday, August 6, 2015

My 7 Organization Tips: Eliminate Stress & Increase Productivity

Being organized has a major impact on your mental health and well-being. After moving into a new apartment recently, I discovered that I needed a new way to keep my work-life clean and organized with a minimalist approach. Having a minimalist work space eliminates stress and increases productivity, allowing you to be happy and more efficient in your work space. So, here are my 7 HUGE organization tips that keep me working efficiently and always on top of my game!
1. A file system: Even if you do not work from home like I do, a filing system is a huge life saver, regardless. I keep a filing system for my customers and different areas of my life like for my health, receipts for my business, and so on. With this filing system, I never lose ANYTHING and each file has a specific purpose, so when I need something, I don't have to search for it!

2. A minimalist work space: If you run a business from home, I find it helps to keep my work space as minimal as possible. One way is zero clutter on table tops. If you notice the same mess piling up on almost a daily basis, it helps to have a simple place to store every item.

3. The power of boxes: I love boxes. I used boxes from moving that I had lying around and labeled each one for organizational purposes, which leads to my next tip.

4. Categorizing: Categories are powerful and essential when it comes to organizing things. Boxes allow you to categorize. Having a category-based system actually improves your memory (true fact) because when you categorize, you never lose anything and will always remember where an important item was stored.

5. Planners: I use more than one planner now. I have a giant calendar for big things that need lots of pre-planning, an appointment only planner, and a planner for both long term AND short term projects. Though everyone shouts "Use Google calendars!", I'm not always in a place where I can use internet on my phone which prevents me from receiving Google notifications. Plus, on multiple occasions, these notifications have failed me and sometimes wouldn't go off. Writing something down helps keep it locked in my mind so I don't forget. The two planners I use for long term and short term projects I keep out at all times and schedule customer appointments only with them. My appointment planner I carry with me everywhere and it is fairly small. 

6. Fifteen minutes of cleaning: After every work day, I clean for only 15 minutes. In this case, it's my studio. I not only clean, but I also plan for the next day by cutting a pattern of a dress that needs to be sewn. Cleaning and planning go hand-in-hand and increases productivity. Plus, cleaning and planning for tomorrow also eliminates stress and always makes a day run smoother.

7. A small divider instead of a wallet: Yes, I use a small divider instead of a wallet. This divider is a life-saver! I've used it for 6 months now and have never lost anything. And, they are stylish! You can get different versions of these at any Office Depot or office-related store.
I hope this post gave you a different perspective on ways to stay organized. Do you have any unique organization systems you applied to your work or life that were successful for you? If so, please let me know in the comments below! I want to know how you stay organized too! 

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