Sunday, August 9, 2015

Style Secrets to Organizing Your Wardrobe for Fall

Fall is coming around the corner (as sad as I am) and it's the time to start changing up your wardrobe and getting rid of summer stuff. (I use to fear this). But, you don't have to toss or get rid of everything just yet! With the Tessa Koller brand, some of your summer things can still be worn with layering! Ah, the beauty and elegance of layering! If you want more functionality in your wardrobe, then this is a must-read post for you! A new season doesn't mean certain clothing needs to get tossed completely. My collection this season is designed for multi-functionality and layering!

You can wear some tee-shirts you have underneath with the sweater pictured above and this item has a sheer, simplistic quality to it. This style can be dressed down with more color flare if you wish or with black for a more professional ensemble. In this other look pictured below, the black and white dress can be worn with leggings and boots, or any way you like for fall. This was actually apart of a summer collection, and I plan to wear this in fall with leggings and boots and added accessories to create more depth and contrast with this look.

Sweater+Dress by: Tessa Koller
Photography By: Patrice Procopio
Location Provided By: The Moderne
Layering makes even more powerful statements and adds a nice drama to an outfit; when done right, it adds the perfect amount of drama. I personally love fall because of fall styling and all of the versatility options. Styling should always be simple, but with subtle flare and drama for a little extra pow! Imagine the look pictured above layered with a black and white coat, a black shirt underneath, or maybe a black scarf and/or hat. Styles like these don't need to be tossed when the season changes. Even in winter, it takes a special artistic eye to know what items you can still hold onto for layering purposes. Don't let the change of the season this year break your bank. You don't need to buy an entirely new wardrobe for fall. I hope this post helped you think about ways to save for the fall season! In my next post, I'll be talking about how I manage my lifestyle without allowing my A.D.D to interfere or seasonal changes get me down.

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