Monday, August 31, 2015

The Scoop On Virginia Beach...

I know, I meant to post this yesterday, but when I returned from Virginia Beach life got crazy. Virginia Beach was absolutely stunning with beautiful white buildings along the beach and touches of aqua, purple and blue colors all around you. You could literally smell the Atlantic Ocean, and it glistened under the sunlight. While my partner and I were there, we camped at KOA campgrounds off of General Booth Boulevard in Virginia Beach, about 5 minutes from the ocean! It was the best way to save money (while being outdoors) instead of paying for a hotel!  
The reason I took the trip was because I am considering moving to Virginia Beach. I am not sure yet if this will even happen within the next year or two years, but the point of this trip was to check out the area. Though Virginia Beach is beautiful, I am still on the fence about living there. I am still in the exploratory phase, but the city has A LOT to offer from what I've seen!

Just like any other city, they too have "fashion week" and a thriving fashion scene, more so than I thought. Plus, there are so many amazing places to shop and eat at. My top four places to eat in Virginia Beach are: Scrambled (for breakfast, lunch and dinner), Also Thai (for lunch) and Captain George's Seafood Buffet! And, we also ate at Waterman's Surfside Grille restaurant along the ocean. Those four restaurants have THE best array of foods! We ate at the Scrambled restaurant just about every morning because gosh, their pancakes were to DIE for, and their french toast was homemade on Challah bread. SO delicious! If you want a scrumptious and also an extremely affordable breakfast white visiting Virginia Beach, GO THERE! 

The Also Thai restaurant had the most amazing Thai food as well, but, what was even more amazing was their Won-Ton soup! This Won-Ton soup deserves a shout out because my goodness, it made my body happy! It was Won-Ton soup at its BEST! The dish had this cilantro aroma and also aftertaste. The broth was so fresh smelling and tasty. I literally drank it!
I'm not sure if you saw my Snapchat while on this trip; if you are not already following me, do so, for more of these wild adventures! The city by the beach always had something going on and it felt like State Fair in Wisconsin had moved there! Plus, the beach itself was nothing but blue colors stretching for miles through the Atlantic Ocean. The only thing we didn't do was surf (maybe next time) but, I would not be a graceful surfer. No way!
On our last day in Virginia Beach, we went to Sandbridge Beach, a more secluded beach, and enjoyed some much needed lounge time. I captured some beautiful photos of the ocean and allow the closing of this post to relax you. Just looking at pictures of water relaxes me. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more beneficial posts. Also, don't forget to subscribe here!

Photos By: Tessa Koller

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