Thursday, September 10, 2015

7 Ways I Adjust to the Fall Season

When a season changes, EVERYTHING changes and sometimes, it's hard to deal when the summer weather turns colder. The transition between summer and fall is more crucial than you may realize and here is why; how your lifestyle is during that time will determine how you'll feel in fall, winter AND spring! From hot to cold weather is a major shock to your system, but there are ways you can prepare during the crucial season transition which is mainly end of August and all of September. There are seven things I do to prepare for the colder weather that also keeps my mental health and overall well-being at their strongest!  

1. Blend fruits and vegetables, but not just any. What I do is, I actually blend roots vegetables like squashes, carrots, apples, and I begin at the last week of August. Eating "in season" fruits and veggies even before the season approaches will prevent colds, flues, or fatigue if that's something you battle with like myself. This past week once I returned from Virginia Beach, I began blending daily and changing up the recipes to my liking, leading to my next one.
2. Begin adjusting your diet early by eating and cooking (fall) IN season foods. Again, this boosts your immunity making you less likely to get ill. I didn't have the flu shot last year and basically blended fruits and veggies and ate an all organic diet, and didn't get the flu or even a cold. The people who say, "Don't have time to make organic meals? Grab a protein bar..." I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THAT. I make time for myself to cook even if I feel I don't have it. 
3. During the night, I leave the windows open to keep my core temperature cool while I'm sleeping, which I always do, because this helps you sleep better and prepares you for the cold weather. Do what you can to keep your core temp cool so you can adjust to cool temps outdoors once fall hits. 
4. Stretch a lot: Yes, all throughout August and September, I increase my stretching and workout routine. Every day (almost) I walk on the treadmill for at least 40 minutes and once my core temp is heated and my muscles are warmed, I stretch instead of weights. Power walking and stretching increases serotonin, which will keep you happier as the climate changes.
5. Before the end of September, I have my wardrobe organized for fall/winter seasons. It helps to have your clothes organized and ready for a new season in advance. 
6. Light Pumpkin or Lavender candles every night (or 2, or 3 depending on you). Lighting candles every night for at least one or two hours while doing my evening routine works wonders for my sleep. Pumpkin and Lavender help calm the mind and can also act as natural sleep aids. 
7. I wind down earlier at night. Instead of beginning my "wind down" routine at 9 PM, I start winding down at 8 PM. What you do in the evening will affect you during the day. In fact, many of the most successful people will tell you that your evening routine is more important than anything and here is why: how you spend your evening impacts you mentally the next morning when you wake up. Trust me on this. If you have a busy, busy schedule, having even one bad night can mess you up for a whole week. Having a healthy routine each night is how I reset my system for the next day, so I feel and look better.

Hope these seven ways I adjust to the fall season helps you. Even if you are just starting these things now, that's great, because even after 3 days of these healthy practices will make an enormous difference. Do you have any unique ways to reset for a new season? Please share below, would love to hear in the comments. Also, subscribe here and NEVER miss a beneficial post like this one! Stay tuned for more on my fall collection as well! 

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