Sunday, November 8, 2015

Hounds-tooth Coat: A Dream That Became Reality

Many people probably do not know this about me, but sometimes, I'll have very vivid dreams of outfits I hope to bring into this world. Though I don't always know where these dreams come from, perhaps it's that my mind is constantly thinking about fashion and concocting designs and shapes I want to weave into functional, wearable outfits. For some time, shapes have been my primary focus because in fashion design, it's really about how shapes compliment a woman's physique. With this hounds-tooth coat I produced, I envisioned creating a pattern that I had never done before because I was sick of doing the usual pattern. I wanted to create pattern pieces that were so unique that no other designer or person could figure out how this coat was produced. People who said originality in fashion was dead gave up, but not me! This coat was a major step towards a direction I had always hoped to go all because of a dream I had one night.

Using an unlikely fabric, I wanted to create a coat that embodied a hard and soft sort of feel. The softness appeared every time I moved because this coat moved with me. An article of clothing that had movement inspired me a ton because when you love something so much that it just moves with you is an amazing feeling. The feeling I get from an article of clothing like that I hope to create more of because it makes women feel amazing too when they find something so in sync with them.

     Photography By: Patrice Procopio                  :::                 Coat Design By: Tessa Koller
Thank you so much for reading! I'm definitely going to design multiple sizes of this coat for my online store as it got many, many hits on my social media, which I thank you for! I am in the process still of redesigning and designing new outfits and creating endless inventory for this store and once I feel that I have enough items for all of you, I'll get my store up. More details on that coming up in the next few posts! Also, remember to subscribe to my posts so you can be the first to know when my clothing is for sale! Snapchatters and blog subscribers get first views and picks, so also follow me on Snapchat @tessakoller and enjoy your Sunday! Stay warm and awesome, everybody! 

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