Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Importance of a Cohesive Wardrobe & How to Get One

Having a cohesive wardrobe is crucial and important. When you have a put-together closet, life becomes a lot less frazzled and crazed. Also, what you wear to an event whether with school, work, job interviews, it's a major confidence booster to look your best, to look "put-together" and always have an idea of what you want your outfit to convey about you. So in this post, I'll go over the importance of having a cohesive closet and how to get one for yourself. Check out my Pinterest board I put together for this post using my brand, so you can see what a cohesive wardrobe would look like all in one spot. On the board, I have Monday-Friday styling and this kind of styling will keep your wardrobe exciting, contemporary, fashion forward and always on your game! The black coat on the board, you can wear every day! 
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If you have a crazy stressful job, work-life, and are always on the run, or if you are somebody with a less chaotic schedule and want simplicity and accessibility in your clothing, that's where I come in. My brand fits both types of lifestyles. To create a cohesive wardrobe, think about 1. Color schemes, 2.) Types of neckline or cuts, and 3.) How an outfit(s) suits you from day to night.
Personally, I like the minimalist wardrobe, but with some exaggerated prints and patterns with simpler designs. If you check out the items I designed above and below, how the neckline simply wraps around the shoulders but still reveals your neck while framing your face beautifully, those are eternal styles! These are styles that will never fade because of how great they'll look on you!
Here's another shot of this beautiful dress with that stunning, face framing necklinePlus, animal prints are huge this year and will continue to be huge this winter! Another important fact I want to highlight about creating an exciting, cohesive closet if, think about neutrals and grays. Even if it's a gray color that may have other contrasting black and white within the style, gray adds wonderful balance to a minimalist closet. Plus, adding outfits with more black or with more white (like pictured below) adds fun contrast and it's still cohesive because of the neckline and the overall cut.
     All Photos By: Patrice Procopio                  :::                  Designs By: Tessa Koller Brand

Thank you for reading this post! Do you have any unique ideas about creating a cohesive wardrobe that I did not discuss? Would love to hear and make sure to subscribe to my blog, so you always get the latest outfits, latest posts and news! AND, check out my Pinterest and follow, I plan to get more active on that!  

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