Sunday, January 24, 2016

5 Ways I Cured Depression and Anxiety Naturally

A good chunk of my life, I've struggled with depression and anxiety. In 2009 at age twenty-five, I decided to cure my depression with a more natural approach. With this transition, I had a lot of support. Though it was tough, after a few years, I had made five lifestyle changes that erased my depression and eased my anxiety. Let me just say that the depression I had was physically debilitating, and while it's alright to experience moments of sadness, I can now experience sadness and move on quickly. Being sad is a perfectly fine and normal emotion, but depression is a type of mental illness that can be quite paralyzing. I wanted to be far away from that and I wanted a more functional life. 

Today, I am a new woman and able to accomplish a lot in one day, and I can allow myself to truly feel everything. Doing everything naturally has really given me a clearer mind and a more productive lifestyle. So, here are the five lifestyle changes I made that cured my mental health issues.

1.  Daily vitamin/supplement regimen: 
     In my efforts to cure depression naturally, I learned what my body was lacking in terms of nutrients and supplements. A homeopathic doctor coached me as I made this transition and helped me realize how being deficient nutritionally aggravated my depression or made it worse. It turned out, I was deficient in vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin K, and the big one: vitamin B. Now, I make sure to get my daily doses of those vitamins including Fish Oil, a vitamin B liquid complex, vitamin B-12 and B-6. Taking B-6 (I noticed) improved my mood a great deal, got rid of my acne breakouts, and I felt happier because of my change in appearance and mood.
2.  Yoga breathing and meditation at the crack of dawn: 
     Before the sun shines through my windows in the morning, I go into my living room and sit with my legs crossed and arms out and meditate for fifteen minutes. In combination with Yoga breathing, I’ve found tremendous relief from irritability, anxiety, and after one month of doing this routine, my depression and anxiety disappeared.
3.  Thirty-five minute cardio with Yoga stretching: 
     When I began doing thirty to forty minutes of cardio (walking outdoors or treadmill) and then Yoga exercises, I’d feel like a million bucks. When your body is all warmed up from a cardio workout, Yoga stretching has significantly reduced my anxiety issues and I have a clearer mind these days. Also, doing that combination relaxed muscle tension in my back and I have more mobility. 
4.  I developed a daily beauty regimen: 
     Personal hygiene first thing in the morning and at night works wonders on my mental health. Twice daily, I use a gentle exfoliate face wash, a serum, and a moisturizer. I also have a beauty routine that keeps my skin glowing year round and it’s a body scrub I mixed. The recipe is: one cup Mediterranean Sea Salt, ½ cup Aloe Vera Jelly, ¼ cup Raw Honey, and 10 drops of Tea Tree Oil. Doing the exfoliating scrub each morning has improved my circulation and also eased my central nervous system, thus easing my anxiety.
5.  I engage in an enjoyable, non-work related activity every day: 
     As a creative individual who has made a living based on work I love, sometimes the pressure of making money and promoting can take the fun and love right out of it. Every evening as part of my wind down activity, I would draw or do a fun creative thing to keep my motivation and enjoyment intact. Doing something fun just to do it keeps me loving my job and life more. Plus, those activities help me stay inspired and motivated.   

Depression is a debilitating condition and does not need to be your life. With my crazy schedule that involves a lot of running around, client meetings, and traveling around the country and overseas, those five things I listed above accommodated my busy schedule and I noticed a transformation. My family, friends, and colleagues noticed this transformation in me as well. After reading this article, I hope you take action and soon you will be on the path towards a more blissful, peaceful, and happier life.     

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