Monday, January 18, 2016

Three Simple, Stylish Ways To Bundle Up This Winter

Bundling up this winter doesn't need to be a pain in your rear, rather, you can have fun with it. What I love about winter (more so than summer) is how many ways you can style your best outfits. Once it gets cold and the temps drop to a windchill of below zero, you want to pile on so many layers until you are buried in wool, or knits, or furs or whatever your choice of fabrics. Bundling up with style in mind does not have to be or feel like a challenge. So, here are my three ultimate stylish ways or ideas for bundling up this winter season.
1. Think big(ger): Many bloggers believe that big scarves are the way to go but this winter, I have found scarves a frustrating added accessory that seems to add an ugly, unflattering bulk to my neck and chest (even when worn over my coat. The purpose of a scarf is not just to look pretty draping from your neck, it's made to keep you WARM! When I developed my fashion brand, I thought about functionality on a different level. I wanted to create accessible clothing that had more purpose and in this case, you want your clothing to keep you warm without the need to over-do it with accessories. Why pile up accessories only to have to strip them off once you get to work or school and store them somewhere only to risk someone stealing your stuff? With my clothing, in winter, you can wear a dress or a style that comes with a built in protector or a neck and chest warmer that truly keeps you warm and makes layering less bulky, like this look pictured below.
No need to add in a gigantic scarf only to get gunk all over it. Like the dress in this photo, this is a combination of a sweater and dress with a stylish built in piece around the neck that has a scarf feel to it and keeps your neck and chest warm without the bulk, and it has a shape that compliments your bone structure.  
2. Another stylish bundle up idea came from this winter wool coat I designed recently. This winter coat has a hood that wraps around your whole head, neck and chest. The hood then transforms into a scarf and wraps with a snap in the front, completely covering everything! Imagine layering this black coat with that dress above. Those two heavy fabrics would be enough to protect the most sensitive part of a woman's body without the added gear. A stylish black hat underneath the hood would protect your head even more. That draping piece (or the hood you see in the photo) has two functions: it can wrap around your head, neck and chest for more warmth, or if it's not horrible outside, that piece can drape over your shoulders or wrap in other ways.
3. The wrap/coat/poncho added stylish layer: Why not put on a chic wrap poncho coat? With this look, the coat is big enough to add multiple layers underneath. Having that extra layer with a comfy neckline that wraps around your neck is the kind of functionality I want to see in a garment.

Remember, when bundling up, you don't need a million accessories and things that just add hassle to your daily life. With the Tessa Koller brand, you will experience simplicity once and for all (for all four seasons!) I hope those three stylish ways to bundle up this winter gave you some ideas for looking great for less (for less money, less things, and less hassle!) Also, subscribe so you don't miss beneficial posts like these! Some other updates; it's looking like my online store will launch Friday February 26th and I am so excited! Spread the word like wildfire and get your hands on affordable, accessible clothing! Follow on my Snapchat@tessakoller and be the FIRST to see new looks from the get-go and also, I love the critiques I get, very helpful so let's keep them coming! Thanks for reading and stay warm!   


  1. Great tips for those frigid winter days!





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