Saturday, February 13, 2016

11 Healthy and Entertaining Things To Do While Traveling

Two things that bothered me about traveling was that I'd completely abandon my health and I'd get bored out of my mind! Airports made it impossible to find something healthy to eat, there was no green food in sight, and I could never find fun things to do (until now)! Worse; after a long plane ride, people would literally hate me and be like, "shut up, please!" because I'd be so bored and a crazed chatter box. If you knew me in the past though, I was either the non-stop chatter box when my anxiety kicked in, or I'd be dead silent and you'd forget I was there. Now though, I've got more balance in life and have discovered ways to ease my anxiety and stay as nourished and entertained as possible both at the airport and on the plane. Traveling does not need to be or feel like chaos. I see traveling as a time to entertain myself, have a little fun, and also nourish and relax for a while at the same time. If you are a crazy busy person like me, then traveling can be relaxing if you give yourself enough time to get from point A to point B, of course.

This year, I'll be traveling a whole ton! This week, I'm heading to sunny Arizona; and this summer, I will be heading to Switzerland, Italy and then possibly camping in Colorado at the end of the summer! That's a lot of traveling, and it's easy to feel weighed down and also completely abandon your health, eat crappy vending machine food, guzzle down soda products and yeah, that pretty much describes how I traveled in high school and college. That lifestyle and way of functioning only drained and exhausted me, so here are the 11 healthy and entertaining things to do on long travels!
1. MAGAZINE COLLAGES: If you want to be entertained, head over to those magazine stands (or bring magazines you already have) in the airport and snatch a magazine that has inspiring images like in Allure, or New York Times and create an inspiring little collage of pictures you'd like to use for a vision board. I love doing stuff like that! One time, I brought a manila folder and scotch tape with a few magazines, cut out images, and made a vision board on the manila folder. Very fun to do!
2. LAPTOP: Have a laptop with you (if you have one). I ALWAYS forgot to bring my laptop but not this time! I blog while I'm chilling and waiting to leave town (or in the air). If I have a long wait or layovers, I write lots of blog posts in advance and I feel accomplished. I noticed accomplishing things boosts my mental health and keeps me entertained!
3. GAMES: Games on your phone are a great way to entertain yourself. Yes, I still play that one snake game (remember, those Nokia phones with the Snake game? LOVED that game!) I added it to my play store and it actually shows the Nokia phone on my Android screen, ha! It's weird, but cool!
4. LAUGH: Even when I'd forget my laptop and only have my phone, I'd get on a wifi and hop on the internet! I'd watch hilarious YouTube videos like the Whine About It series, or I'd laugh at hilarious stand-up comedians, and I'd watch miscellaneous Conan clips, or clips of Jimmy Fallon when he'd fall down to the ground at the end of every take. Watching and giggling relentlessly at those guys for sure passes the time!
5. PUZZLES: If you have a long layover or are waiting a long time for your flight, get a small puzzle and challenge yourself mentally. Puzzles are seriously entertaining when you're waiting around and they exercise your brain!
6. SUDOKU/WORD SEARCHES: This may fit in the puzzle category, but I love doing things like word searches, Sudoku, and crossword stuff.
7. MUSIC: Well, I could listen to music for hours. If you don't have an iPod, there's tons of music on YouTube!
8. PHOTO ESCAPADE: Every airport I notice has one or two or more unique features. If I have a lot of time, I like to photograph unusual things I see and make another kind of collage to also keep my inspiration coming.
9. MAKE PLANS: Write up some lists of things you want to make sure to do when you get to your destination if you are on your way. Jot down things you want to make sure and see and experience to get the fullest out of the experience. If you are on your way back from a destination, reflect on the trip you took. Make plans for what you want to do when you get home so you can have a stress free life when you get back.
10. WALK: Another thing I enjoy doing is taking a brisk walk as far as I can go through the airport before I get on a plane to get my heart pumping. A little workout before a long flight feels pretty good and you don't need to be painfully obvious about it or plunge through the crowds. I walk at a medium pace for about twenty-thirty minutes (if I have it) and gosh, I feel better about getting on a plane once I've had exercise.
11. HEALTHY SNACKS: Bring along a couple of homemade granola bars or store bought that are organic. Nuts are super healthy and will keep you from craving nasty vending machine food. If you can get something healthy in the airport like a salad with pecans or other types of nuts, that's a good way to get some greens and nourishment. I notice a lot of airports have some healthier restaurants and more cafe's in them. Be creative. Some Starbucks cafe's have bananas, I have one of those before I get on a plane because they help me sleep and relax the mind.

I hope those gave you some different ideas on how to be healthy and stay entertained while traveling! Are there any things that you do while sitting in an airport for long hours or on a long flight? Leave in the comments below the things you do to get through long travels and how you keep yourself feeling good! Also, don't forget to subscribe to this blog and get your doses of healthy and informational lifestyle goods as well as irresistible fashions and styling tips, tricks, and ideas by the Tessa Koller brand! If you want to connect with me even more, follow me on Snapchat @tessakoller. This week I'll be staying at THE haunted hotel in Jerome, Arizona, (this Sunday on Valentine's Day, YIKES) Stay tuned for that spooky experience! Then, I'm heading to Phoenix and traveling all around Arizona for a couple of weeks. Stay tuned for another post or two about what I'm doing in Arizona and why! So follow along and keep in touch with me! Thanks for reading!

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