Monday, February 8, 2016

11 Unique Ways to End Monday Blues (and love Mondays!)

In the past, I really had a hard time with Monday blues and feelings of dread upon sunrise Monday morning. Once my room went from pitch black to a deep ultramarine blue, my mood changed and would turn blue too. Then, the sky would turn a slightly brighter blue and my anxiety would start kicking in, with that deep feeling of the Monday blues quickly creeping in.

Now though, I wanted to share the 11 unique ways I not just beat those Monday Blues, but rather, how I permanently ended them! Today, I get up each Monday with a smile and not even a sliver of sadness. That's really what the Monday blues are, a sadness that comes on when the sun rises or just before. So, here are the 11 unique ways I ENDED Monday blues (and why I love Mondays now!)
1. On Sunday night (or early Monday morning), I would write down all the things I accomplished the previous week, beginning with the previous Monday. This is a positive way to reflect and also see growth because of the massive to-do list you probably didn't even realize you checked off or how much more you accomplished. When I'd jot down all that I accomplished within the last week, I'd find myself pondering on the upcoming week and smiling about what could possibly come my way. That get's me looking forward to Monday and the rest of the week!

2. My meals for the week are all planned out: A major stress load off of me is when I plan all my meals for the upcoming week. Food is a comforter and planning delicious meals to cook instantly boosts endorphin's, and I am living proof of this! Meal planning reduces an enormous amount of stress, drastically cuts your grocery bill, and doing so will make Monday a breeze! It might be a good idea to select recipes that are your absolute favorite for lunch and dinner and make those! Or, if you have to be out and about, treat yourself to a delicious lunch on Mondays.

3. Write down at least two to three things (Sunday night or early Monday morning) that you are looking forward to within the next week. This is a step I did each Monday morning right after I'd sit up in bed at 6:30 A.M. Even if you don't have anything specific planned, it can be small guilty pleasures or things you love doing during the week.

4. Begin your Monday morning with an invigorating workout that is fun, gets your heart pumping, and do a fun Yoga routine that helps you leap into your week feeling great! My routine, as stated in previous posts, is cardio exercises, and I warm up my muscles followed by gentle but effective Yoga stretching. My Monday begins with a steady, stress free way of breathing and my muscles feel awesome afterward!

5. Build in an early morning routine ritual (you enjoy) only on Monday. Doing an enjoyable routine will get you in a good mood. Wake up a half hour earlier and pencil in time to do a creative project, something you've been wanting to do but have neglected. If your mornings are too hectic, do this as an evening ritual Monday night.

6. Before 11 A.M (way before, about 6:45 A.M.) I would make myself hot tea that eases my anxiety and promotes clear sinuses and easy breathing. Tea such as chamomile, white cucumber tea, and even select green teas with pomegranate or blueberries provides antioxidants, lots of immune support, and promotes alertness. Find some quiet time for yourself and sit outside, weather permitting of course! Where I am currently, it feels like Alaska (probably by you too?) So, I sit in a comfy chair next to a window in my living room, sip tea, and stare at birds and animals doing goofy things outside! Any way that you can be one with your environment and in nature somehow is good. Doing that each Monday morning for about 15-20 minutes cured my Monday blues! It got me into this sort of, "Oh, I love this!" good kind of mood.

7. On Monday morning, give yourself a treat of some kind. While I was suffering with Monday blues, I started getting up early and treating myself to something sweet (but not candy or super bad food). I'd make a big, hearty breakfast or a sweet smoothie with cocoa or something. A few times, I'd make French toast that tasted like cinna-buns using real cinnamon and Vanilla extract in my egg mix. (I still do this!) Or, I'd make a sweet berry smoothie for a candy-like flavor with organic fruit and it wouldn't feel like a health smoothie, it would feel like candy. I did that each Monday for six months! Again, scheduling something like this when you are having a hard time changes your perspective and soon, you'll be looking forward to Mondays too!

8. Don't schedule big meetings or appointments on Mondays (if you are able) here is why: When I'd schedule appointments whether with one of my fifty something doctors, or a business meeting, or some crazy errand, this would make my Mondays a drag. Not scheduling those blah just shoot me please appointments and meetings works wonders on my mental health. Actually, I STILL don't schedule meetings or appointments on Mondays and doing this accidentally became a valuable scheduling strategy for me that allowed me to get a lot of work done between the hours of 8:00 A.M. and 5:30 P.M! It was like a happy accident!

9. Now, I know I said no scheduling appointments or anything on number eight in this list, but you might want to consider scheduling one appointment on Monday (not every Monday, obviously) but once a month or depending on what your budget allows, treat yourself to a massage or something stress relieving. I did that; on the first Monday of each new month, I'd schedule a 30 minute or one hour massage in the evening after my work day. Many massage places are open after 7:00 P.M. If your budget doesn't allow this, what I also do is take hot baths every Monday night and massage my back with a tennis ball. There are a ton of things you can do. If you are going to schedule any appointment Monday, schedule a massage!

10. When your alarm goes off early Monday morning, actually smile and think in your mind, or say out loud: GOOD MORNING! Every morning, I did this and forced myself to smile even though I didn't want to. This rewired my way of thinking and feeling about mornings in general. Thank God for a new week and imagine the possibilities of what the world has to offer! Think about being grateful and that will make you love Mondays too. I promise!

11. Remember this as well ladies and gents: Monday is just one day. Time goes fast and scheduling fun and enjoyable things will make it go faster. What I realized the more I cured my Monday blues however, was that you should try to find things you love about every day. If there is something you aren't liking about how you start or end your Mondays, then change it. When I was struggling with depression and dealing with this, I forced myself to greet each morning with a smile and this worked wonders on my mental health.

Life is too short to hate one or two days of the week and after a near death experience I had this past Christmas, that's one insight I gained. If you don't like something about how you are living, change it. That near death experience I had is another post of mine that may change your perspective, too. Now, I'm grateful to have every day of the week to wake up to. I was dangerously, dangerously close to not being so lucky this past Christmas and I've learned to be thankful for each day that comes my way. Hopefully this post helps you cherish each day and live gratefully, peacefully, and happily! Did you like this post? Do you have other ways of ending Monday blues you'd like to share? Please share in the comments below! Plus with your comments, it will help me plan more posts like these so I can meet all of your needs and make beneficial posts for you guys. Don't forget, if you are new to my blog and just recently stopped by, subscribe and never miss a post! Stay warm, happy, healthy and great! Thanks for reading!

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