Monday, February 22, 2016

A DIY Beauty Trick That Beats Anxiety and Depression

As often as I can, I do this particular beauty routine each morning that does more than make me feel beautiful; it refreshes me and makes me feel new and energized! 

The thing about living with a genetic disorder I have is, it use to be so difficult to be comfortable in my skin, and it was all anxiety driven. Depression was another root cause of this feeling of unease. This beauty routine of mine I discovered a couple years back (forgot how I found it, sorry) but I changed up the recipe of this to meet my needs more. This recipe just includes olive oil (or oil of your choice) and coarse (or fine) salt. I use fine salt and you'll see why later on. Now, this beauty trick does four big things for me:

1. It exfoliates and hydrates skin all at once
2. Erases (over a consecutive period of time depending on what you are going through currently) depression and anxiety 
3. This beauty routine allows me to brush my skin, which naturally boosts serotonin in the brain and is naturally stimulating. It also eases the central nervous system.
4. Additionally, it rids dead skin and makes it healthier from head to toe AND repairs skin too! 

First I slather the olive oil all over my skin (You can also use essential Avocado Oil as it's equally as healing if you prefer not to use kitchen oil.) I leave the oil on for five minutes just to really lock in the moisture. Once the oil has been on my skin for a while, I continue to leave it on, and then scrub everywhere with coarse salt for a few minutes or until my skin turns pink. If your skin is sensitive like mine though, I'd suggest trying finer salt if the coarse is too rough (I switched to finer grained salt recently because of my sensitive skin type). Rinse off after and wow, your skin will glow! After just two months of doing this routine consecutively, I reaped the amazing benefits and felt awesome! 

If you make this a regular routine, your body and mind will thank you! Anxiety can cause you to feel uncomfortable in your skin as that's happened to me, but with this beauty trick, that will go away and leave you feeling at ease and happy in your skin! You too can tweak or edit this beauty secret of mine to your liking if you wish, any way you like that's best for you.

Olive oil as well as various essential oils are big healers, and this combination of those ingredients works miracles on every aspect of your body. Though this beauty routine affects you externally, it also affects you psychologically, emotionally and mentally in the best ways. When I did it for like six months straight (like two or three times a week), I noticed drastic improvements in my anxiety and depression. It astounded me. If your schedule is too crazy to do this in the morning though, you can also do this in the evening before going to bed. This routine is worth the ten to fifteen minutes and if you really want to glow inside and out, that's the way to do it! I hope you enjoyed this post and if you did, be sure to subscribe and never miss an article! It is free to subscribe and you get some unique styling ideas, unique fitness/health and wellness secrets, and much more so you can really maximize your lifestyle in simple, affordable, and fulfilling ways!

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