Friday, February 19, 2016

Cafe' Casual Chic: Creatively Transitioning Business to Casual

A couple of weeks ago, I started a new series called Cafe' Casual Chic: a series that will give you new styling insights and various ways to dress up and dress down particular looks for those outings when you still need to look put together but not too business-y. Wouldn't you like outfits that can meet both needs though? I know I want that in my wardrobe! In today's post, I wanted to show you a look that was designed for fall but could be worn in Spring (and summer) and instead of black being your predominant color, how about allowing it to be an accent color, or the color that gives your outfit a little more definition?

With this chic, put together look, I wanted to limit my use of black but allow this minimal usage to still serve an important purpose and make a POW statement! 

Outfit By: Tessa Koller Brand
What's nice about a style like this is the fabric is light but not too light and on a cool day, you can dress this look up with a black blazer or even pair this blouse with a pair of blue (or black) jeggings. You can even neutralize this look with a gray toned pant, a gray toned over layer or cardigan and let the color really pop! With the Tessa Koller brand, you can really do a lot while having that simplicity yet multi function I know you crave in an outfit. Plus, it'll allow you to creatively transition from business to casual in a way that suits your needs.

Did you like this Cafe' Casual Chic part of the series? Make sure to subscribe to this post and never miss a series because it's going to get even more interesting here! Let this become your go-to place to take your outfits to the next level and truly meet your wardrobe expectations.Thanks for reading and leave in the comments below how you feel about a style like this (I'd love to know!) In the next few posts I'll discuss how to rock it with colors like my favorite olive greens, neutral blues and purples. Stay tuned! Also, don't you love that Smoca mug I'm using? I literally started using it RIGHT after I bought it...I am a mug collector and constantly going to coffee shops. I got that at a contemporary art museum gift shop in Phoenix and gosh, love! More posts coming soon about my Arizona travels and what to be sure to check out!

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