Tuesday, February 23, 2016

My Travel Through Arizona: Best Cities to Visit Part I

Arizona is such an incredible place to visit and wow, in just 8 or 9 days, I visited 6 cities and towns. It was a wild trip; lots of driving, lots of sight-seeing and tons of memorable experiences. I went to Arizona initially to make a video to help people that have been newly diagnosed with my genetic disorder, 22Q11.2 Deletion Syndrome. If you don't know of 22Q, keep reading, because you could have this syndrome too and not even know. The syndrome comes with over 200 medical symptoms including congenital heart disease, immune system deficiency, and many more symptoms. I went 24 years not knowing that I had this disorder. Can you believe that? I still can't! 

So, I flew to Arizona with this organization to work with a video production company called Wirebuzz. (Will discuss this more in my next post series). My family and I decided it was also time for a vacation. I feel like any time you travel somewhere cool like Arizona, you gotta make a week trip out of it, really. We went first to Phoenix, spent our first night in Prescott, next to Jerome, next to Sedona, next to Scottsdale, and lastly, to Tucson (then, back to Phoenix). I'm going to do a II part Arizona series so you guys get the full scope of the excitement, thrill, and wondrous beauty and stunning views of the gorgeous Southwest. 
We didn't get much out of Prescott, but, we got A LOT of excitement out of Jerome! Jerome did feel like a ghost town; with spirits of many kinds and you definitely felt the energy. The city had an opposing look to it with rough buildings but also unexpected, exquisite architecture you wouldn't expect to encounter as you walked through the winding, multi-leveled hilly streets. Something interesting would catch your eye everywhere you turned.

In case you are wondering, yes, my parents and I stayed in that spooky haunted hotel, the Jerome Grand Hotel! Boy, did I feel energy in there, let me tell you. If you want to get spooked out of your wits, go there! We stayed there only one night and on the floor that apparently has the most paranormal activity. Yay for that! The entire night in the hotel, I had my own room, and didn't sleep much. I slept with one eye open the whole night. It was kind of sad, but funny at the same time. Moving on. After Jerome, we headed straight to Sedona the very next morning, however; I was functioning on maybe a microsecond of sleep. The long two hour drive to Sedona, I was out cold, dead tired.
The beauty was breath taking (once I opened my sleepy eyes and experienced it). When we arrived in Sedona, we first checked out one of the biggest tourist attractions: the skinny Roman Catholic Church called Chapel of the Holy Cross and we had a wonderful one hour of meditation inside the church. Everyone that came into the building even sat down to sing a 3 minute song and it was very moving. Check out the architecture of this building, too! If you haven't been there, it's definitely a place worth visiting and experiencing.  

The church was stunning. If you'd ask me, I'd say the church didn't look as skinny inside as it truly is, but everything about it was impressive. We toured through Sedona the rest of the afternoon and engaged our minds in shops, art galleries and more. I really felt myself becoming embedded in the environments in which we were in, and in this next set of photos, you'll see why. This is one reason traveling agrees with me so much because it keeps my mind of stuff I shouldn't be thinking about anyways, you know? 
After walking through the stunning galleries and shops, we ate at a delicious, vegan organic restaurant called the Chocolate Tree (coolest name for a restaurant, ey?) I inhaled two veggie smoothies and a vegetarian dish to make sure my energy would stay strong. (Yes, it is possible to eat healthy while traveling, yes.) So funny that people try to argue with me about how hard it is to eat healthy traveling, but it's really not. Just gotta look around for healthy places to eat. Some people give it thirty seconds and say, nope, fast food it is! Ha! Unfortunately (but fortunately) because of my health, I keep searching until a smoothie is in my hand.   

Anyways...later in the evening, by 5:00 P.M I was exhausted and totally burnt out. Wiped out to the max! My parents got us a hotel at the Sky Lodge Ranch and being the genius my stepdad is, he got a room with a view overlooking the entire city of Sedona. The hotel room itself was adorable; very thoughtful decor and didn't feel like a hotel. You could easily make it feel like home, almost. I could do my stretches and we had a kitchen with dishes and stuff.
While at the hotel and sitting on the patio gazing at the city beneath me, I experienced a mindful meditation of the landscape. There's so much history to take in and I had almost an out-of-body experience staring at all the scenery. I didn't chit chat. I didn't do a darn thing for a solid six hours. I sat there and gazed at the landscape and watched as the color of the rocks turned pink, purple, blue until it was pitch black outside. I felt a calmness I had never experienced before (after the chatter-box ladies next to us went out after the first hour, of course). Check out this sunset though. I'm not sure how I managed to not fall off my chair from extreme exhaustion but, I managed to stay up long enough to experience the Sedona sunset people were raving about! 

That's it for this post, and I'll post more stunning photos of Arizona and also share the extremely delicious restaurants I went to. It was so darn beautiful, and I understand why so many people visit this place. Stay tuned and don't forget to subscribe so you get these posts when they come. Your information will not be shared with anyone, because I value you and your privacy.Also, leave in the comments below places you checked out in Arizona. Have you been to Jerome or Sedona? I'd love to hear some of your experiences, if you've been there. Thanks for reading, guys, means a lot! 


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