Monday, February 1, 2016

My Weekly Scheduling Strategies That Maximizes My Health+Work

Being a work-from-home entrepreneur has its ups and downs, but before my lung surgery in December, I had developed a weekly scheduling strategy that greatly maximized my work (AND health). Many people keep asking what a week in the life of a fashion entrepreneur is like and how I am able to stay grounded and centered to produce the work I do; market my work, photograph my designs, do the whole business, and make time for things like Yoga, meditation, and blending smoothies. Monday through Sunday, I do many things that keep my business and health afloat and I want to share my weekly scheduling strategies that allow me to accomplish a ton of things. If you want to be successful this 2016, my secret scheduling tactic will make this possible! Here it is...

MONDAY: I begin my Monday with an invigorating workout doing cardio and Yoga stretches. Instead of starting my first day of the week with a heavy breakfast (which use to be responsible for my afternoon crashes) I now make a predominantly veggie smoothie with maybe one fruit or a large avocado (for healthy fat). Starting your day off with mostly greens just gives me a kick of energy that coffee never could (which is why I cut coffee). Coffee is the devil! In college I drank coffee almost three times daily and wow, after stopping that and switching to smoothies, I feel ten times more energetic and stopped craving caffeinated junk! (I don't even drink coke products, ever!)

By 7:30 in the morning, I'm cutting patterns, painting my textiles, and sewing my heart out until about 5:00 P.M in the late afternoon. At 5:00, I force myself to stop working, I spend twenty-five or so minutes getting my studio back in order, and then I make dinner at around 5:30. By 6:30, I'm doing my usual evening routines and winding down.

TUESDAY: I call my Tuesday's: "Fine-Tuning Tuesday". In the mornings from 7:30 to 3:00 P.M, I do any fine tuning or last touches on garments I produced Monday and bring things to a finish. Also on Tuesday's, I cut ten new patterns and paint my fabrics, which gives me a creative day. Getting back into this schedule (since my lung surgery in December) has truly helped me get things done in a more efficient manner. In the evenings at around 9:00, every night I was doing Yoga with Jen Hilman. I mean, her routines have eliminated my back pain almost completely! She even has Yoga routines to help wind the mind down for sleep at night if you have trouble turning your brain off. I've just started getting back in this routine!  

WEDNESDAY: Wednesday's are typically busy email days, but now, I've set time aside either in the late afternoon (4:00 hour) or first thing in the morning and I don't spend more than 20 minutes on email. The middle of the week is also a busy studio day when I am producing a good amount of work and preparing for a Thursday (or Friday) photo shoot. My time frame for studio work is between 8:00 A.M and 5:00 P.M. Each day, I make a fruit or veggie smoothie to help me coast through my day with lots of energy. By Wednesday, I've invested about thirty to thirty-five hours a week in my studio and boy, I accomplish a TON! 

THURSDAY: Thursday mornings, I am usually organizing my outfits I hope to photograph and preparing for an afternoon photo shoot. By Thursday, I am doing last touches on at least seven to ten outfits for a late afternoon shoot. On those days, I am also planning my blog articles and organizing my marketing strategies (well in advance). These days have become my "planning and checking myself" days to make sure I'm utilizing my time effectively and really getting things done. Also, I schedule my appointments (like doctor's appointments or what not) Thursday afternoons because by then, a lot of work is produced and ready to go. If I don't have a shoot on Thursday, I leave those afternoons open for appointments between 1:00 and 5:00 in the afternoon. If somehow I don't have a shoot or an appointment, that's a blessed extra five hours of studio work! 

FRIDAY: Friday morning, I do my usual workout routine (same as Monday and Wednesday) and I clear my Friday mornings and afternoons for appointments or afternoon photo shoots. Around 1 P.M after lunch is when my shoots usually happen. I don't sew the same day of a shoot. As an entrepreneurial tip: it makes so much of a difference to not schedule any appointments or meetings until later in the week because I accomplish so much more. Usually come Friday, I've already accomplished up to 40 hours of studio work that week. Doing my schedule this way is how I am able to truly get a lot done. My shoots typically run from 1 PM until around 5:00 P.M depending on how many looks I am photographing and by then, I am ready to celebrate Friday and the weekend!

SATURDAY: My Saturday's are for running errands. If I run out of something during the week; I get it on the weekend (or online if desperate!) What I use my weekends for are planning for the next week and making sure I do not run out of things or have to make inconvenient trips. On those days, I am out of my apartment and running around and STILL checking off a to-do list. At least by 3:00 in the afternoon, I try to have my list checked off so I can enjoy the weekend. Some Saturday's though, can be pretty chill.

SUNDAY: On Sunday's, I get all of my laundry done, plan meals for the week, do a thorough clean of my studio and living space, and do my grocery shopping. I've made Sunday my grocery shopping days because it's a good way to budget, it cuts my grocery list in half, and I feel better prepared for the week ahead (considering, I am on an all organic diet and cook a lot). Doing that also forces me to stick to my meal plans and allows me to see what needs to be eaten and when.

Having specific plans each day of the week is a great way to maximize your work-life and get a lot done. And, to boot, you are strengthening your health with this organized way of living. This was my schedule (before lung surgery this past Christmas) and I am just starting to get back into this routine. If this post inspired you, definitely make sure to subscribe to my blog and get these beneficial articles delivered right to your email! Also, are there things you do with your schedule that help you maximize your work and health? Comment and let me know! Thanks for reading! 


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