Friday, February 5, 2016

New Series Introduction: Cafe' Casual Chic: One Outfit For Every Occasion

Within the last ten years or since I became a career gal, I've found myself going to a lot of business or business-like meetings. Usually, the meetings would be at coffee shops or cafe's, or restaurants, or places that are typically for entertainment purposes but still require you to dress in a put-together manner. Within the first few years of my suddenly busy life, I always found myself stumped on what to wear for those in between professional and casual looks. Then, I realized how I could truly challenge myself as a fashion entrepreneur to create looks and outfits that meet those needs for you busy young people like myself.

When I think of functional outfits, I think of outfits that can be styled and worn not just in multiple ways, but outfits that can be tailored to your lifestyle. Finding (and wearing) that perfect outfit to one of those business-like meetings speaks volumes about the type of person you are and how you want others to perceive and view you.
In the look I styled above with a black, draped blazer (I designed) over my white hand-painted dress, I thought of a style that could also be dressed down and worn for maybe a night on the town in the evening. So, this look can go from work, to a coffee meeting with a friend or business associate, and then to a night on the town. As an artist and designer in an ever-changing industry, I've found that you get the most out of outfits that you can really transform and change up for different aspects of your whole day. You can eliminate the blazer and simply highlight the dress and add other accents for a style that better suits your needs depending on where you go.
All Photos in this post by: Patrice Procopio    :::    Blazer, Dress, and Pants by: Tessa Koller
This is a look you can wear to work with not much effort. You can even choose to highlight a splash of color to this black and white ensemble for a bit more spice! For instance, I'm obsessed with burgundy. Imagine this look with a black and burgundy handbag or business-like tote, with maybe a small burgundy belt or other accessories that highlight burgundy. Giving the outfit a little splash of color also makes a major difference and is another way to tailor your look for a specific appointment or meeting if you prefer to not just wear black and white.

Since I came up with this cafe' casual chic idea, I found that I've stopped changing four times a day and struggling to think up things to wear for those particular outings. With my brand, your outfit will be able to do it ALL, for all parts of your busy schedule. My fabrics are super comfortable, which give them a casual, but dressy feel at the same time. And this is one reason to subscribe to this blog by clicking here, so the next time you find yourself with a hectic on-the-run kinda day and want exclusive put-together outfit ideas, this is THE place to be! In my next Cafe' Casual/Chic series, I'll be styling an outfit with more color and discussing how that outfit can take you through a whole day with its unique features. Stay tuned!! Did you like this type of post? Was it helpful? I'd love to know in the comments below! Thanks for reading (and stay warm and fabulous!)   

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