Tuesday, February 16, 2016

NEW SERIES: Me Lately: Overcoming Flying Fears

It's so exciting for me to introduce another series on my blog: me lately. This series will be a self-improvement type of series that many of you can relate to, refer to, and essentially use. So, here's the latest of what's happening. As you may or may not yet know, this past December, I experienced a lung collapse on the 22nd that landed me in surgery on Christmas Eve. Since what happened with my lung, which occurred on an airplane, I've been struggling with some flying fears as a result of this, but I got the opportunity to truly work through them.

Now though, I've had my first long flight since my lung surgery from Chicago to Phoenix. I had so much anxiety about my right lung and the cabin pressure on the plane. I am not quite two months out from the lung surgery and recovery, though I am mostly recovered, pain is still popping up now and again. The pain from the procedure comes and goes, but soon it will go away. My first flight went smoothly, but it was hard traveling in high altitudes throughout Arizona. After about two days though, I got use to the high altitudes.
I guess what I'm fearing is not just flying, but the pain factor and also I had a hard time understanding how air managed to get in my right lung and all that. I'm not one to live in fear of the uncertainty, the unknown. Everything in life is unknown. For this Arizona trip, I've done a lot of positive self-talk and I concluded, I can fly without fear debilitating me or ruining opportunities for me, like the opportunity I've got right now with an organization that is dear to me. I feel thrilled that I was able to get through my first flight. Because of this trip now, my fear of flying has has gone away and I am looking forward to more traveling. 

Traveling is a big part of my life now and am going to be doing more of it overseas this summer, so, I will not be consumed by flying fears. I've realized how you think and your thoughts do have an impact and it's important to think good ones. Positive thoughts got me through my first flight since surgery and I am excited for my upcoming travels, and even my flight back to Chicago from Arizona. I was so happy I got the opportunity to come out here and explore places in Arizona I had never been to like the haunted ghost town of Jerome, and stayed at the Jerome Grand Hotel, and I went to Sedona and my family and I stayed in a beautiful hotel in Sedona overlooking the stunning red rocks and gosh; WOW the beauty! 

The colors of the sunset painted the top parts of the rocks, it was magnificent. This trip came at the perfect time; to give me peace-of-mind about flying and to heal me in multiple ways. These days, I am much more grateful and it is a miracle to be here. Traveling really changes my perspective in many ways. Thanks for reading! I'd love to hear from you. Do you have any flying fears? How do you deal with them? Also, be sure to subscribe and never miss helpful, useful posts like these!  

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