Wednesday, March 16, 2016

What a Statement Red Dress Means to Me

A statement red dress means a lot to me for many reasons. One reason is that I have heart disease and the red dress is a way for me to celebrate and embrace a part of myself that makes me unique. A few years ago, I got involved with the American Heart Association. As a heart disease survivor, I've come to find how much the red dress is like a chic symbol for everything I have been through and well, red; it's a stunning POW color! Every wardrobe needs red, you know? It is the new black (in my opinion)!

Every dress has that distinct quality to it and with this one, I wanted an abstract diamond shape cutout in the back for a "party" feel, but a bit more conservative front. The sleeves add personality to the dress and big sleeves are for sure having a moment right now. Frankly, I think the sleeves alone (in this garment especially) have so much personality and add a fun flare to the look.

Red Dress by: Tessa Koller
Do you like this red dress? It's one of my favorites so far out of all the dresses I've produced! I've got so many red dresses in my closet now, my gosh, but this stands out. There is something about the "red dress" that reminds me of who I am, what I represent and believe in. Heart disease, though it can be scary to live with at times, makes me realize how blessed and lucky I am to be here and to be doing what I love. Plus, I really enjoy making women look and feel amazing in their clothing. If you like this type of style, contact me and I'll create one for ya! And, as I've said previously and will say again, my clothing has NO size restrictions! I design for all sizes and will create according to what you specifically want. Make sure to subscribe to this blog and be the first to catch new designs and of course, other timeless looks by my brand. Also, be sure to follow me on Snapchat @tessakoller where I frequently post photos and videos in the moment, as I am working, during photo shoots; you will get to see EVERYTHING up close, so follow along! Thanks for reading!


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