Friday, April 22, 2016

3 Different Ways to Wear the Off Your Shoulders Trend

This past week has been the busiest of my entire life, I'll admit. I've been heavily focused on producing all sorts of high quality, long lasting outfits and even more focused on perfecting this blog. Yesterday, I put up a post that I just wasn't happy with and now, I am refocusing some things with this blog. A few new slight changes will be coming in the next week. I am one of those creative entrepreneurs that is more about quality instead of quantity. If something is not the highest of highest quality, it does not stay on the net nor get shown.

Now, as I am sure you don't need to be told this, but the "off the shoulders" trend has become so big the last month or so. I too am fond of this trend, however; I am all about doing things differently. I don't want to see the same "basic" style again and again that you see on the racks. People crave being different, standing out, because the truth is, that's how you get anywhere in any industry: by standing out, being you.

The "off the shoulders" trend is the most flattering look for a woman to wear. The reason this trend blew up so big is because well, the weather's getting warmer and people want to wear more outfits that compliment the prettiest part of a woman't physique. It's a chic trend and every single fashion blogger is wearing this style. If you know my brand though, when I design a "style" I make sure it's not just some trend that fades after six months. These three looks are all by the Tessa Koller fashion brand and I produced hundreds of each dress when I had it in stores a while ago. Even now, these dresses remain a style staple in many wardrobes all across the globe. Style is eternal and these dresses I'm still obsessed with. Each one of these dresses sold like hot cakes. The fabrics are so soft and travel so well. Even if they got wrinkled in your suit case it wouldn't matter and you wouldn't need to iron or steam certain looks. Wouldn't it be nice for the busy working woman coming off an airplane to be able to stay in her chic outfit and be ready for the next adventure? That's what I want in my clothing because schedule has always got me on the fly!

The first look I'm showing you is one of the most popular looks I've produced. I must have manufactured 100 of this one dress because people loved it so much and I'd design a hundred more. The spin on this dress is awesome, perfect for a night out dancing with your hubby or friends. It will quickly become your wardrobe staple!
The next look is a lovely black and white mini dress with a halter top neckline, but it bares the shoulders in a unique way with interesting design throughout the dress. I manufactured dozens of this look for a downtown store and people loved it! Although the next two looks aren't necessarily off your shoulders, they do bare your shoulders which is the point of the trend.
Note: I'll only be showing one photo of this look because I'll be doing a separate post about it next week, so stay tuned for that! 
This dress I also manufactured dozens of and it was on demand for some time, and still is. It's rewarding when I come up with an original idea people respond positively to.

Do you like those dresses above? Want one of them? Contact me and get one in your closet now! Also comment below and tell me what you think of them and how you feel about this "off the shoulders" trend. Be sure to also subscribe to this blog if you have not, more good stuff is coming. Make note too that I will not put up another post until Tuesday as it's my birthday weekend and am killin' for a weekend off. Plus, I am going to be doing some blog reconstruction also and will get back to posting daily to every two days next week. Have an amazing weekend and gosh, I HOPE it's nice out!


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