Wednesday, April 27, 2016

5 Ways to Get Work Done Efficiently and Effortlessly

These days, there's so many ways to get distracted and side tracked. I use to be notorious for this; I'd start a project and think, "YEAH, I'm getting this done today, YEAH!" I'd be on a good work flow and then, I'd get a phone call, my email blows up, my social media blows up. Suddenly, I stop working, my attention is split in sixes with six different things gnawing at me for my attention. My attention span is like that of a fly (seriously, bad) and I'm bouncing one thing to the next. Then, the project I was in SUCH a good work flow with before the distractions came pouring in like a tsunami, I have lost interest in that project and on to something else.

That use to be me.

Lately though, if you've been watching my Snapchat: (user: tessakoller), I've been killin' it finishing big projects in a timely manner long before their due dates, meeting crazy deadlines, and going above and beyond for customers (customers are top priority!) No matter how busy I am, I know I'll get projects done in real time because I've established a system, or a momentum if you will.

There are 5 critical ways to get work done efficiently and effortlessly so, I want to share with you how I'm 'slaying it' with these projects. Here they are:

1. Turn phone volume off: While I can't totally shut off my phone (for many reasons) I simply turn off the volume and put it in a place where I can't see my screen between the hours of 8 AM and 12 PM. At lunch, I have my phone on me for 1 hour, but by 1:30, when I'm back in the studio, my phone is out of sight. If I'm expecting business calls, I put it on vibrate and put it in my pocket so I don't miss business calls, but still, the screen is out of sight.
2. Create a minimal work space: If you work from home, create a space that is simple and pleasing to the eye. Even if you work in a cubicle or have a big office room, clutter is the sure way to prevent you from working with a good flow. Just recently, I found a way to transform my studio space into a beautiful, minimal work environment. I even de-cluttered and tossed junk from my filing cabinet recently and made an organized spot for customers and I alphabetized the other categories so I know where things are. I keep customer files in two places so I always have a backup plan. I organized book shelves and made them pleasing to the eye. I categorized every single item in my studio you could possibly imagine and placed things in boxes.
3. Build a Work System: As a creative individual, I've found it's most helpful to build a "work system", or a work flow that allows me to really check things off my list and know I haven't missed anything. For instance, I discovered this awesome "to-do" app (there are many, find what app is best for you) that's got me checking off my to-do list quickly. Create blocks of time to accomplish one, two or three tasks individually. That's how I get challenging projects done in a timely manor because of this work system. Now, I never miss steps.
4. Rest the Eyes and Mind: This is a big one here. Resting your eyes and mind and refueling will help you return to work or projects refreshed. Fresh eyes and a fresh mind prevents you from getting overwhelmed and crashing in the middle of a work day. I am trying to get better at this myself because you can't always be in the GO-GO-GO work mode. That accomplishes nothing and doesn't allow you to work efficienctly.
5. Listen to Ocean Waves While Working: If you can, pop on some headphones and listen to ocean waves. This week, when I got stressed, I put my headphones on and turned to YouTube for the sounds of the ocean. This might sound strange, but what that did was totally change my mindset and put me in a work trans. It made me less stressed about a big project immediately and I was able to finish hard details. I had to do this just yesterday and today to get through a difficult stage of a tough project and it worked miracles. I was getting work done as effortlessly as the waves brushed onto the shore.

Did you like this post? I know number 5 might be pretty different, but if you want to get work done effortlessly, ocean waves transforms how your mind is functioning during a stressful project. Plus, even while I was working, the ocean waves made me feel like I was on vacation and made me find the joy again in what I was creating. Sometimes, when money is involved in your passion, that can take the passion right out of it. A rewired mind gives you the right pep in your step and motivation to keep moving.

Now, I want to hear from you. Are there things you do to get work done efficiently and effortlessly? I'm curious because I'm always looking for other ways. Plus, with this hectic week I'm having, those five approaches above about cured my stress.

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