Tuesday, April 26, 2016

6 Reasons to Acquire Sewing

Happy Tuesday, everyone! I hope you guys are having a lovely week so far and enjoying nice weather! In this post, I'm going to be talking about the importance of acquiring a skill in sewing. When I first started sewing way, way back in the day (so weird I can say that now: way back in the day) I didn't know how important it was to cultivate sewing. I started it simply because I liked doing it. Now though, I realize how important it is to sew. I find myself wanting to sew up new shirts and dresses for myself instead of going out and buying them or doing projects for members of my family that are in school and need help. Sewing is a vital skill and important to develop because you could be using these abilities for affordable home decor and more.

So, without further ado, here are the 6 reasons sewing is a skill you should acquire.

1. Want to or soon to be Moms: If and when you decide to have children, you'll want to know the basics of sewing, pattern making and be able to make costumes on Halloween or for holidays, their parties, or school outings. I've decided not to have children so this too may not apply to you, but if you do plan to, then this is how sewing can make your life easier.

2. Sewing is a meditation: Even when I am on the craziest deadlines, sewing for me is always a meditation. I crack the windows of my studio open, listen to the birds chirp their little brains off outside, and I sew like a mad woman. It almost puts me in a trans of calmness and when I do tackle those deadlines like a football player, I'm so much calmer and prepared for what's ahead in life.

3. Money Saving: You can be getting affordable remnants at fabric stores, thrift stores and craft stores and sewing up your own cool tee-shirts, saving bundles of money on shopping. This is one way I live frugally by not overbuying on clothing. Since I've aggressively developed my sewing techniques, I update my tee-shirt, blouse and dresses wardrobe as often as I can so I'm always wearing something fresh and new. Though this is how I make a living, you can do this in your spare time to de-stress and make yourself something nice.

4. Sewing as a side business: I know people that have made a living starting with a side business making simple but cute hats, scarves, and gloves. There are many free online stores like Storenvy, and affordable stores like Etsy to sell items on. Heck, you could even use Ebay and sell old things you have to make room for the new, and earn money simultaneously!

5. When something you want to buy doesn't fit perfectly: Let's say you are about to buy something you love, but it doesn't fit right. This, folks, is a BIG problem in the fashion industry these days because the standard measurements are off by a lot and this is one reason the industry is going broke (and why tailoring and alterations is so huge). If you knew basic sewing, you could buy that shirt, blouse or dress you love and make it fit well yourself by making simple, minor adjustments like pinning and taking in the side seams, or editing the shoulder seams. With ready-to-wear every day clothing, that is easy peasy!

6. Home Decor the way you want: Designing pillows, curtains, shower curtains and more are super easy, simple things to do. I've met people that literally designed their own apartments or homes and did so effortlessly and frugally. While yes it requires some skill, it's all things you can learn by taking a simple class at your local fabric store. Many fabric stores now days have these sewing classes available for those curious about the sewing process.

Do any of you sew? There are so many ways to add sewing into your life in a frugal and fun way. There are people who do it that don't want to make a living out of it, but they want to simplify their lives in those 6 ways I listed above. Be sure to subscribe to this blog and never miss a beneficial post like this! More posts are in the works so be sure to check back!

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