Wednesday, April 13, 2016

A Unique Survival Tote Every Career Woman Needs

Here is the tote I've been designing the past few days and wow, I am thrilled about it! This is just the prototype and will create more to sell but this is one unique tote bag every career woman needs. It has many, many features that I have not seen in other bags like a place inside the bag to hold a water bottle (and you won't see it), a spot specific for your iPhone and headphones, and a spot inside the bag to easily hang pens (so you don't ruin the liner). I know a lot of bags have somewhat similar features, but not the way I've designed this. Every time I went shopping for a tote like this, I never EVER found one. I am someone that needs water on me all throughout the day-that's why I consider this the ultimate survival leather tote.

The phone holder was made perfectly to hold your phone up so you can easily grab it without having to rip the whole bag open. A bonus feature too...the strap can be easily moved to the left so you can quickly grab things out of the bag and it has a gold magnetic closure that is easy to get into, but will be too hard for anyone to break open.
On the other side of the designer tote, I included a gold zipper for a little gold accent and a hidden pocket where you can put your lipsticks, mascara, and other items as you choose. I like to carry with me a compact mirror, concealer, and even compact powder, so the pocket will hold all of that without evidence on the outside of the leather. This is that kind of tote bag that you can even sneak into a movie theater on date night with your candy and goodies (and water to get you through the movie). Come on, we ALL do that! What's nice too is you can put a ton of stuff in this tote, and it won't be noticeable because of how I designed the interior of the bag. For this prototype, while the original bag you won't be able to see the liner, I purposely exposed the liner for this shoot to show you how minimal and chic a white liner is. You will find things immediately-no digging, and it's the kind of career woman survival tote that will ease you through a hectic day.

The inside liner of this bag is white and SO soft, and easily washable. I made it white so you don't lose anything. How many times have you missed trains or buses or whatever the case because you were digging for something in your bag? I SURE have!

What's also nice about this accessory is you can put a large black, professional portfolio in it either vertically or horizontally and a large calendar if you got one!
With the detail stitching on the bag, I chose to stitch a silhouette of buildings for a busy city girl look and feel. Do you like this tote? What do you think of it?

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