Monday, April 18, 2016

Floral Dress with a Unique Convertible Design

Floral prints are quite delightful and beautiful, perfect for pretty spring and summer weather. I've been experimenting more with colorful prints and also playing around with different ways of designing the typical pattern. What's nice about this dress is its multi-functional quality. I sewed in an over-layer of fabric that can be worn as a shawl or totally cover your shoulders (and arms) and wear like a cardigan. 
It's easy to pull over your shoulders for added warmth and I was going to attach some hooks on the sides so it can hang naturally like a cardigan would.
If you go to events this spring or summer, this is a style you'll want because while it's hot and nice under the sun, the temperature always drops at night and instead of carrying an extra item to keep you warm, why not have it already built into the design and be able to switch it up simply and accordingly? The other beautiful part about this is, you can tie that fabric in the back and wear it as an interesting design element or flare it out for more swing or drama to your dress.
I'm not sure if this idea has been tried but the concept, though it has been touched on, I am not sure if another designer had done something with this type of convertible design. This idea I sort of dreamed up and it came to me randomly. It's one of my favorite floral designs yet and the next one I produce with this concept may be slightly different and all the more unique! My aim was to make this a classic ensemble with a futuristic twist.
I hope you enjoyed this post and the dress! Do you like it? How would you feel about wearing a convertible design such as this? If you want one in your closet, contact me and I'll make one for you! A bonus...if there is a textile you love too, I can make you this style out of any textile I know you'd love! Subscribe to my blog before you leave and get some goodies and never miss a post! More important ones are coming up you won't want to miss!


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