Saturday, April 2, 2016

How to Make Time for Everything

This post was inspired by the recent happenings in my schedule lately. Everyone is always asking how do I juggle all that I do? If you know me, you know my schedule is always slammed busy. As of right now, I am designing a prom dress, designing outfits for Wisconsin's Miss USA 2016 (coming up), making dresses, making handbags and clutches, managing a blog to showcase my creations, managing a relationship, managing my diet; so, how do I do it all? The most successful people today are doing many, many, things and I use to find myself wondering, "gosh, how do some people accomplish so much and always do so without fail?" Well, I learned some secrets.

For starters, I can make time for everything because I TRULY love what I do and found balance and a momentum. Balance is essential in daily life. I take things from day-to-day. One day at a time. The most successful people wake up long before 8:00 in the morning and have a specific morning ritual. My morning ritual consists of hot lemon water, healthy carb-free breakfast, a veggie smoothie, a one hour exercise including cardio and weights, and I have fifteen minutes of meditation. A morning routine is crucial because it provides balance-same goes for an evening ritual. Over this past month, I've had to develop a new evening routine to shut my mind up (and off!) at night. Doing these things makes your days run smoother.

I get a quiet morning to myself to focus on my body, what it's telling me, and a chance to clear my head and get centered. Without this "me" time, I can't work effectively. Now, I make a point to do this daily. With this routine, I am unstoppable!

Once my morning ritual is done and my head is clear, I write down five things I know I need to do that same day. I prioritize what's truly important and start with that first-the rest depends on how my day goes with time sensitive projects. It's alright to have a lot to do because I never get overwhelmed now that I have established a balanced system.

Yes, I do stop for lunch and make food-usually a healthy salad high in antioxidant veggies and fruits. I don't make enormous lunches because a light but hearty lunch helps conserve my energy. After lunch between 1 PM and 3:30, I am working on my own projects knowing that I am satisfied with how far I got with the time sensitive ones. Once 3:30 hits, I take a fifteen minute refuel break and have a citrus or nutty snack, and I am back in the studio until 5:30 P.M.

When the alarm goes off, my day is over. That's it. I spend fifteen minutes power cleaning my studio, re-threading machines for the next day, I decipher what still needs to be done or finalized, and my work life never sees clutter or chaos. If I have a photo shoot the next day, I pack a small bag while I am cleaning and get fully 100% prepared for the shoot. No excuses. My shoots now are planned weeks ahead.

Prioritizing what's most important to you will help you make time for everything you want and need to do. For me, my health is number one priority. I start each day focusing on my health. When I'm in my studio, my customers are my top priority. Satisfying customers and working hard is the most fulfilling.

Did you like this post and did it give you some insights? I'd like to hear from you now. How do you find balance with a full, crazy schedule? Any time management tactics? Let me know! Also, be sure to subscribe if you are newly visiting and say hello in the comments below. I am constantly producing a lot of original and entertaining content with must-have original fashions! Plus, if you want to be a trend SETTER, this is the place to be. Thank you for reading and have a balanced, fun and enjoyable weekend!

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