Wednesday, April 20, 2016

In the Studio

Hello Wednesday! It's the middle of the week and already I am almost at the finish line with three big projects! When I write out my weekly goals each Sunday, wow, there's no stopping me. I am like the energizer bunny constantly on the move (until 10 PM comes around of course) but otherwise, 8AM-5:30 PM I am a sewing maniac!
The few projects I am working on is one: for a wonderful San Francisco client (blogger) whom will get a stunning, chic navy blue dress for a big event she's attending in May (more details on that soon). If you've been following me on Snapchat (user: tessakoller) you got a glimpse of it yesterday. I am so excited to be 70% done already with this dress!
I am also shipping an order to France this week too so, wow, my clothing is going to a lot of places! Another project I got going on is the prom dress! This dress I'm happy to say is about 85% done, just a few more details to wrap up and it's quite a beautiful dress! Satin and chiffon compliment each other well, and the mixes of blue give the dress a nice ocean-like color and feel. If you watched my Snapchat, I gave away dress making tips. One tip had to do with how to add weight to seams so they lay flat on the body. That is an important tip because you can spend hours creating something, but leaving those details out will make for an awkwardly fit dress and it won't feel right. As you may or may not know, this prom dress is already taking three weeks to create as there are hundreds of steps which need special attention to the detail. (I will post photos of the finished product in the next few weeks, so stay tuned!)

Studio work is the most rewarding work because it is challenging, but I am somebody who needs challenges or life bores me. I love doing difficult projects and executing them with my full dedication and attention to those details (devil in the details, ya know!) As an artist, I've been all about THE DETAILS! 
Other studio projects I am finalizing too include: workout/exercise wear with a twist, three ways to wear the biggest "off shoulders" trend! Also...
I am designing my entire wardrobe for every day when I am overseas in Europe this July (CAN'T WAIT!) I've become quite the traveler but, one could say I am about 50% homebody, 50% traveler! It's good for the mind and mood to balance your life in that way. Enjoy this behind the scenes post? Do subscribe to my blog and never miss a post because a ton of stuff is coming up soon! I want to hear from you now. Any fun projects you are doing? Hopefully I can finish all of my work so I have none to do on my birthday this weekend, but, who works on their birthday? I don't. Thank god it's on Sunday, HA! Enjoy your Wednesday!

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