Sunday, April 10, 2016

Snap Style Series: A Week in Review

I am introducing another series on the blog, which will be a weekly series that I'll do every Sunday called Snap Style Series: A Week in Review. In my Snapchat, I reveal all of the bts (behind the scenes) details of what it's like in a fashion designer's world. Snapchat has been fantastic for my brand and even have made sales from it and allowed me to go more in depth with how I want my brand to be portrayed. I am all about being different, unique and I design my clothing with uniqueness always in mind. Also, on Snapchat, I dish other things too like my healthy smoothies, my super-foods diet that keeps me rockin' and rollin' and I do designing how-to's and more! My Snapchat, guys, is one to watch so click that magic ADD button (user: Tessa Koller) and follow along.

I'll start with the past week beginning Monday April 4th to now, Sunday April 10th. It's been a heck of a week creatively and I am working on some seriously exciting projects!
To begin, on Monday April 4th, I started on a prom dress for a very lucky and special client and good friend of mine. A prom is an important night so when I go about projects like these, I do so with lots of detailed pre-planning. If you watched my Snapchat (user: Tessa Koller) and saw my Snap stories of the dress, you saw how hard it is to do, but I like to showcase my creative process and teach you guys something too. Here are the photos that were apart of my Snap series (next week, I'll incorporate videos too) but for now, visual images.
In the photo above, that is the prom dress's pattern pieces, all cut up!
At this step, I've attached a waist band to the bodice (top part of dress) and began pleating a half circled skirt. 
On the Snapchat, I revealed my sewing tricks and how a lot of complex detailing is done when producing garments such as these. In just one full morning, I produced the entire front and back parts of the dress and this coming week, I'll do the more in depth detailing with sequins, adding closures, liners, and more fun stuff!

On Tuesday (4-5-16) I had a photo shoot that afternoon and didn't get to Snap, but check out this post on the dress I photographed recently. Sometimes, I don't always get to Snap while doing shoots but I've got several back-to-back next week and you'll see more of that behind the scenes.

Wednesday (4-6-16) I was determined to produce a purse, or handbag/clutch out of real leather. I spent a whole month educating myself on sewing with leather, which really just requires some sewing machine adjustments such as, changing the presser foot to a plastic foot (so leather doesn't stick while sewing) and changing the needle to a leather needle. These sewing machine changes are crucial when sewing leather.
One month ago, I ordered the leather fabric and it came in from overseas (China) so I was beyond happy when it arrived!

Then on Thursday (4-7-16) I dove right into the creation of making a bag. I wound up doing a quick little mock up with the material to get a feel of proportions, the materials I was using (cement glue, rope, hardware supplies, and more). What you saw on my Snapchat will not be the final product, but check out below how I go about making a bag as complex as the one you saw me produce. As You could see, it was a lot of steps!
What you are seeing above is the beginning phases of making a bag. That material is muslin fabric, what I use to prepare my pattern before cutting into the leather. My practice bag went well, but the final product will look slightly different and I've got a stellar idea in mind!

On Friday, I spent all day working on the mock up bag. By Saturday, I was ready for some fun and go-out time (yes, designers have fun, too!) In fact, I rocked my leopard printed tunic and draped black cardigan with black leggings and ankle boots for a night of bowling (I should really just stick to the fashion because me and bowling...GOSH no). I try, but who am I kidding? I feel like the bowling ball is going to throw me down that alley most of the time it's crazy (there's an image!) Yikes!
Tomorrow though, I'm going to start creating the official leather bag and I'm so excited to show you how these projects evolve. Plus, if you've been curious about how to make those things like prom dresses, leather bags and purses, I give you insider information on exactly HOW they are made (and with high-end industrial manufacturing equipment). Plus, I also go in depth on Snapchat with how I am living and thriving with a genetic disorder I've got and heart disease, so all-in-all, you may find my Snapchat quite inspiring, motivating, comical, entertaining, and hopefully, one to learn from as well! So, follow along and be sure to also subscribe to my blog so you can see this growth and progression, how I set goals, and am living the life I've always dreamed of living (and how you can too!). Also, did you like this post? What kind of things do you guys Snapchat about? If I'm not yet following you, add your Snapchat username below and I will add you! Happy Sunday and enjoy your day!

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