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This week was one of the craziest and a perfect week for another Snapchat (user: tessakoller) Style Series! If you have been watching, you know there were quite a few projects consuming my time and energy the past week such as the chic leather tote (I am SO excited about), the prom dress, did sketches for outfits for Miss USA Wisconsin 2016 on my Instagram and so much more! The way these projects progressed really made me feel like I did some new things throughout the week, which is what I always for. I've never made a leather tote before and this tote has now become an accessory staple and one I use for surviving busy, busy days! Without further ado, here is my week in review where I'll dish designing and styling secrets and my creative process.

I CANNOT believe how Monday unfolded. I was beyond excited to be well on my way with the leather tote. Before designing this bag, I thought about how I wanted this bag to function, what I wanted it to do, and to represent. Every time I shop for a bag or a tote, I am always looking for more functionality (but not too much more of course). The way I designed this tote was to showcase my love for black and white as that styling is always chic, minimal and intriguing to make things with that motif. Here is a photo I took of the bag in its rawest form and not yet produced or sewn up. In this picture, I revealed the back part of the tote with a gold zipper and hidden pocket.
The gold zipper was the perfect accent. It added a bit of edge to the tote and something a little more. What's really unique about this bag is how I chose to design the front and back patterns. 

Every busy career girl needs something that has the perfect amount of spice, so I actually sewed in my own textile-a silhouette of building structures. The idea came to me when I thought of the official city girl and how crazy life can be for a working woman on the run. I wanted the buildings to be minimal and pleasing to the eye to look at.

In terms of adding my brand to the bag, I sewed in my label on the front of the tote and the text even adds more edge. I'm sure you saw that on my Snapchat (user: tessakoller).

Snap above taken Tuesday 4.12.16
My entire Monday and Tuesday I spent working on this bag. By the time it was finished (Tuesday at 2:00 in the afternoon). I worked up until the VERY last detail which really consisted of adding the hardware.

I must confess too, I redesigned a red dress for the American Heart Association on Tuesday because another one I made I felt wasn't inspiring enough. On Monday, I really thought I was done with the dress, but come Tuesday, I felt the red dress needed more design to it. When I create something, especially as essential as a red dress and for the American Heart Association, I will change a design if I feel there should be more. That's the kind of designer I am. I want my dresses to have a chic, effortless quality to them. Period.
Wednesday was an intense day of photo shooting for the leather tote AND the red dress! It took six hours (a solid day) to photograph this tote in many different ways. During photo shoots, I am always conscious of how the lighting is looking, if it's natural enough and making sure my shoots are high quality. The photo below you saw on my Snap was the beginning of the shoot and wound up not photographing it in this way.
Once Thursday arrived, at 1:00 in the afternoon, I did an out door shoot to photograph styles of mine. First, I did a brief showcase of how I do my eye makeup and how I get a perfect brow. You want to have a nice shape to your features, and your eye brows and their shape compliment your face's overall bone structure. So, I went over the top. Plus, I always had an old college friend say to me: "You don't do squat with your shape!" She almost got angry about it, and then, I finally did too, so I did something with my shape and started with my brows.
Basically, I revealed how I use gray tones as a subtle way to add light drama to your eyes. This kind of application adds depth to the eye when you add a darker smokey tone inside the crevice where your lid meets the lower part of the brow. This technique also makes your eyes big and stand out. Just how I like 'em!

As Thursday went on, the shooting got more serious. We started with the red dress I designed for the American Heart Association and went from there.
The floral dress above has a surprise element to it which I won't be revealing in this blog article because, well, you'll have to wait till tomorrow! My idea behind the dress was inspired by the "convertible" concept which while that idea has been touched on, it has not been executed or done in the way I did with that floral dress pictured above. That floral dress is just the beginning and if you saw the Snap I posted, you might know what I'm talking about when I use the term, "convertible". 

On Friday and Saturday the weather was crazy beautiful out and I couldn't sit inside and work, especially after the week I just had. I've been determined to also find balance in my work life so I am not overworking, which I tend to do. Balance in one's life is important and is one way to reach your dreams (check out this post on that topic)

Are you liking my weekly Snap Style Series? I hope they add some humor and also fun little lessons in your daily life. There are so many ways to be happy and truly embrace everything. Fashion is my way of embracing life. What about you? What do you think of these Snap Style Series' of posts so far?  Also, be sure to subscribe to this blog because more is coming up like a post on my 5 business day styled outfits, and how to put your own twist on the biggest trends happening now! So stay tuned, subscribe and follow along!

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