Monday, May 9, 2016

4 Apps That Prevent Stress and Overwhelm

I know, I didn't do a Snap Style Series post yesterday because it was Mother's Day, a holiday, and the series will continue this coming Sunday (May 15). I hope you all had a happy Mother's day as well and an enjoyable weekend. Is it just me, or do weekends go crazy fast?

I thought up this post when I was turning to the apps on my phone to prevent stress or overwhelm. When my to-do list piles up, I go through everything on this list and make sure it's what I truly need to be focusing on. It's great to be able to accomplish a lot of things but with the distractions of today's world, you do need outlets to make sure you aren't getting sidetracked, stressed out, or overwhelmed. With a new organization system I've established, I'm able to take on a lot of projects (even with time constraints). There's four apps I'm using that are truly preventing stress and feelings of overwhelm and are making an impact in my day-to-day life. I want to share them with you. You probably haven't heard of them (or you might have?) Either way, here they are below:

1. ToDo List Task Reminder App By Best Developerz: This app comes in many variations and you can really get what works for you (I linked the app I use). When I am on crazy deadlines, this app helps me pan out all of the details in simple steps. Seeing the tasks written out in the simplest form helps me tackle it efficiently and effectively. Using this app has literally prevented overwhelm because what seems like will take you forever and a year doesn't. This app gives me insight to how long individual little tasks will take to complete. The other nice thing is it prevents procrastination. That's really the worst enemy: procrastination! In my field, well you CAN'T! The number one cause of stress and overwhelm is procrastination. So as you see, this app is helping me in more ways than one and it will help you too. Do you have any other apps that are to-do list like that you use aside from this one? Let me know in the comments below.

2. Food Planner App: Though this is for Android (might also work with iPhones) this app also comes in many variations and it's dependent upon what works for you. Having a food planner and planning meals cuts your grocery budget in more than half. Each Sunday though, I dig through my pantry, fridge and freezer and make sure I know what I've already got and I buy only what I need. Grocery shopping use to be a big issue for me, but now, this app transformed my shopping experience. Plus, it's shortened my time spent in a grocery store.

3. Meditation Oasis: I've just started using this app in the last two weeks and wow! After using it you'll feel like you've been on vacation. The app is a guided meditation which I use in the morning and evening. Though I still have yet to explore this app, already, it's reduced my stress greatly. You can use this to focus on your breathing (which is how I use it). Breathing deeply is hard for me but implementing these exercises reduces stress. You can also use it as an aid to fall asleep at night. Once I get my breathing down, I'm out like a light in minutes. If you struggle with insomnia, this is an app to use.

4. The Worry Box: The worry box is pretty amazing I must say. At first, I was skeptical about the whole "write it all down and your worries will be gone" concept. Every night before bed though, I've made an appoint to clear my busy head. Thoughts and worries do keep you up but writing and storing them somewhere gets them out. People with ridiculously busy lives would benefit from this free app. It's a great way to end and/or start your day worry free. Worrying causes stress and life is too short to live in that way. Living worry free also increases your happiness, which is another reason I recommend this app. Also, after I write down my worries, I take action on them immediately which is why I do this in the morning too. If I'm worried about a deadline, I tackle it right away. If I'm worried about other obligations, I meet them right away.

It wasn't until about six months ago when I started using apps. Since I started, I realized how beneficial and helpful they truly are. For a busy career gal too, these apps are perfect. Make note too, all apps are free and though they work with Android, they might also work with iPhone too, not sure. You can always get different variations of these apps that will have the same benefits.

Now, I want to hear from you! What other apps do you guys use currently that are helping? Are there any new apps you discovered that are working wonders in your day-to-day life? If you post in the comments below, I'll add the apps you use when I update this post later down the road and credit you! Enjoy your week and more posts are on their way, so be sure to subscribe and not miss a post!

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