Tuesday, May 3, 2016

A Convertible Dress You Can Wear in 5 Ways

This design is incredible for many reasons. It can be worn in over five different ways, adjusted according to weather appropriate, and of course style dress code appropriate. Once this convertible idea flooded into my head, I kept it locked there and expanded on a look that could do different things and still be chic and stylish. You've probably seen other designers touch on the idea of the convertible dress, but this is the ULTIMATE never before been done (or seen) convertible dress. It's an item that's so comfortable and so versatile for your lifestyle, it will meet the needs of your day (and night) life. Imagine owning a dress that could do everything you could ever dream of wanting it to do; cover your arms (if you choose) cover your shoulders (if you choose) you can make it conservative or revealing in the blink of an eye and it's got some unique closures I didn't want to share in this post just yet. There's also some photos I didn't want to reveal just yet either. Even the closures are so easy to take off and put back on and in different ways. This concept I plan to expand on in several different ways but first, I shall share the five (and some extra) ways this convertible dress can be worn.

1st way the dress can be worn:
This is the very basic way the dress can be worn (though, there is nothing basic about this style!) You can totally bare your arms and gorgeous figure with this garment! 
2nd Way to Wear the Dress
You can wrap it around your arms and hook it in place with a unique closure and wear it like a shawl to spice it up for a more evening/romantic feel. 
3rd Way to Wear the Dress
The white part of the dress will drape naturally over your shoulders and sit in place over your shoulders and wear like sleeves. Now, it looks like a built in cardigan or light coat over the dress for when that sun goes down or when you are in the shade and wish you had another item to cover you up. Now, it can ALL be in one style.
4th Way to Wear the Dress
The fourth way you can wear this dress is you can take the soft silky white knit fabric (enough to keep you warm) and attach the front panels totally together if you want to be fully covered. The white over-layer can be worn as a light knit coat.
5th Way to Wear the Dress
While I won't be revealing the photos of the fifth way to wear this dress, those white pieces can be wrapped all around your shoulders and body to keep more of you warm if you choose. I'll do another post an another look with this similar concept but tackled in a different way.

Did you like this dress? It's quite incredible how many different ways it can be worn and styled for your liking. You can even adjust your accessories as you change up this look. It has a simple but multi-functional quality to this. Do subscribe to this blog and make sure to not miss the next post I do on a convertible design like this (coming next week). I must encourage all of you to also save my posts on Bloglovin, especially this design. It's my most important design in my entire career so far in the last 10 years. Stay tuned and keep checking back for more! 

//Note: This design and concept is copyright protected and my original idea and creation//
//I reserve all rights to the photography//
//All opinions in this post are my own//

//Special thank you to Gabrielle Rae for modeling the Tessa Koller brand//

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