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It's a wrap up of another awesome week! It' time for an exciting week in review on my Snapchat series: user: tessakoller. Every single week something new happens and I am achieving goals I've set, which is the whole point of this Snapchat Series Week in Review (and also to give you official behind the scenes details of my brand). These reviews help me see what I need to do more of (or less in some cases), what I need to expand on and how I can come up with new ideas like with the convertible dresses I've been producing. I did a detailed comparative competitive analysis on my convertible dress idea and the way I executed the designs has not been done before. I am striving to create highly original fashion (not recycled styles you've seen again and again. Anyone else SICK of that? I AM!) Someone said to me that everything in fashion has already in done...well, I beg to differ, guys. It hasn't. I'm not going to dish all of my ideas here in this Snapchat series, but if you check out my week in review below, I think it's evident where I'm trying to take fashion and my brand in general. The fashion industry is always evolving and my creations are evolving too.

Monday was filled with many projects including one for a San Francisco blogger, known as Fab Frugal Fashionista, check out her fashion blog! She's a very inspiring young woman and it was an honor to work with her and design her a chic navy blue boat neck, low V back dress for a special event she'll be attending in May. It was a classy design with some contemporary edge to it and I can't wait to see photos of her in it (coming soon!) All day Monday, I juggled working on her dress as well as finalizing details on the prom dress! Check out some of my sewing process that happened live on my Snapchat below. The photos below are bits and pieces of the blogger's dress.

Note: if you want to see video details, you must follow me on Snapchat (user: tessakoller) Here, I walked you through the details of sewing in an invisible zipper.

A seam intersection is where all of the pattern seams literally intersect like a four way street. That invisible zipper needed to align all of the edges to perfection, and it surely did! I'm starting to love invisible zippers though they use to be my Achilles heal. Now, with these industrial machines, my invisible zipper insertion is flawless! I was heavily focused on finishing the navy blue dress for this wonderful young, stylish fashionista! 

Then, some how, at like 4:40 in the afternoon, I managed to just make it to the post office before it closed to deliver the fashion blogger's dress. I was both excited and scared at the same time, checking and double checking the details of the dress. I ironed it four times before folding it up, checked every edge for hanging threads, made sure I had stitched my label in it and so much more. Typically, I do one-three fittings with customers to make sure the fit is perfection, and not knowing how the dress will fit and then shipping it across the country utterly nerve wracked me. On my Snapchat though, I also provided some tips on running a successful business and stressed the importance of packaging. I went the extra mile to get pretty dark blue tissue paper and wrapped it in a way to make sure for safe shipping and delivery.

On Tuesday, I didn't Snap as much because I had to keep my attention on perfecting the prom dress, which included me tackling tons of details. In the early afternoon, I shifted creative gears again and designed a few dresses for a shoot that was scheduled for this past Friday (4.29.16) I spent all afternoon arguing with myself back and forth about a black and white convertible dress idea that came to me in a dream. Then, the idea bell rang but I was hesitant to give away the idea just yet. I needed to seriously think about the construction of this design, but I was determined to figure out what needed to be done. 
Early in the A.M, I hustled yet payed close attention to prom dress details and focused on making the tailoring and alterations edits after a fitting I had with the customer Tuesday. I was happy to do this because I always want to do tailoring and alterations. To me, that's the most fun part of the entire creative process, the fine tuning.
Also on Wednesday, I shipped the dress out to my customer in France and I was so excited! Again, I was conscious of how the packaging looked because it's such an important part of business. Any time you are shipping products to customers, the packaging must be appealing and secure. It's those attention to details that makes any business a success!
The fine tuning of the dress was a success and I couldn't believe I had finished the prom dress! I could sit at a sewing machine for hours and hours on end though and be totally immersed in what I'm doing. To me, sewing is my meditation even if deadlines are involved. I become fixated on the little details of each project, making sure everything is specially made for my customer (and good friend). I enjoyed every second of this process.
For this part of my Snapchat series, you only get to see a glimpse of the shoot! I just yesterday introduced a stunning new model here on the blog, Gabrielle Rae and showed a navy blue dress that I had in Friday's style Snap story. I must say though, if you watched the Snap story, we created quite a stir in downtown as many people were hollering at the model and even some random person gave her a pair of sunglasses to use and let me photograph her wearing them! HA! People are so funny. Nobody expects to walk out of their business and bump into a fashion model on the streets. But, well, like Coco Chanel said: if you can't take your fashions to the streets, it is NOT a fashion and my clothes are all about that! You can wear my designs anywhere and to any function.
On Saturday and Sunday I took some time to relax and today, I'm taking a trip to Michigan to celebrate one of my dear cousin's special day, her wedding shower. My cousins live in the cutest house in the woods of Michigan. Their home sits on the beach of Lake Michigan and it's like being on the ocean, it's beautiful!  

I hope you guys enjoyed this Snap Style Series week in review! It was for sure a wild week! Have you added me to Snapchat yet (user: tessakoller) You will see on my Snapchat (if you are not yet following) my creative designing process, how-to sewing tutorials, beauty and style secrets, healthy lifestyle tips, my smoothie recipes, and MORE awesome stuff! You will also get to see exclusive behind the scenes details before my clothing goes live on this blog and other social media platforms. I may also have some giveaways coming soon, so, keep checking back, and subscribe to this blog so you never miss a post! Lots more posts are on the way and soon, I'll be putting up a post about the black and white convertible dress! You don't want to miss that post! Thank you for reading! Did you do anything fun this weekend? Enjoy the rest of it! Thank you for reading!

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