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Snapchat is such a fun and intriguing way to showcase your work. What's interesting about Snapchat (user: tessakoller) is how you can showcase your creative process from start to finish. One second, my viewers will see a dress in pieces, not sewn together. I get to show my audience the process I go through to create the clothing. Then, the next second, they see the whole product (and the in between nitty-gritty details). It's cool to see how many big fashion brands are on Snapchat like myself and people love seeing "behind the scenes" stuff. Snapchat has been the go-to place for people to see more details of your work and life. I keep mine strictly either about fashion or ways to boost your health. My week in review, I must say, it was an up and down roller-coaster week, especially Thursday. That was the hardest day only because a lot happened at once. Things I wanted to see manifest didn't, but this is the reality of the industry I'm in.

People don't seem to get how much work goes into creating the clothes on your back, especially special occasion wear. The reason I do all of the sewing is because I NEED to have control of the finished product. If my label goes into an outfit or dress, I need to make sure the quality is 100% with no holes and no threads hanging. No raw edges. The work you do and the quality of it affects how people view not just your product, but you as a person too. For instance, if I shop at a department store and buy an item of some kind from another brand and find holes (this has happened A LOT), this changes my thoughts about their products and them as a person. I question: do they care about what their putting into the world? People now want authentic and polished produced items that will last them a long time and my brand, folks, guarantee will.

When I promote an outfit, I make sure it's 100,000% complete. Instagram (user: tessakoller) and Facebook (user: Tessa Koller Fashions) gets to see my polished products while Snapchat gets to see a bit of both; my in progress work and finished work in a different light. This week I had a hard time really getting in the studio, but when in it, boy, I felt like the energizer bunny. Some big things happened this week and I have some big announcements as well. So, here is my week in review as seen on Snapchat.

If you saw my Snapchat on Monday, you must have seen glimpses of this beautiful watercolor abstract printed convertible dress. At first, I felt a bit discouraged because my convertible concept didn't quite work. With more tweaks though, I solved the problem. My issue had to deal with the weight of the fabric and how to create a nice design in the back. After fixing that, I created polished, finished edges. Next week, I will do a shoot with this dress and a few others.

A ton happened on Tuesday and very quickly. A black and white geometric patterned dress I designed for a show I did back in January made me think of someone, someone awesome. It has a big collar and is definitely a hot show-piece dress. I thought of one of my good friend's since childhood, Leslie Hunt Siebold because she is a musician/artist. She appeared on season 6 of American Idol, is an amazingly talented singer with a stunning sounding voice, and she's SUCH and inspiration to me in many ways. Hunt is the lead singer of District 97 based in Chicago. They've recently returned from a huge world tour, and now are doing a huge nationwide tour. This black and white dress made me think, it's a dress that a musician should wear. It has that flare yet with subtle drama. Here's a peek of it. I'll do a separate post on Leslie Hunt and this dress when she posts photos of her in the dress!
On Tuesday, I did touch up details for her and a lot of fine tuning before shipping the dress out.

Come Wednesday, I produced more studio work and heavily focused on perfecting the black and white dress. I shipped out the dress that morning for an overnight delivery to make sure it got to her on time before she headed on tour. I've officially lost count of how many dresses I've shipped in the last week!
Also on Wednesday, I ran errands and got some magnets for a project I won't be sharing yet. I have an idea that will meet my customer's needs in that accessible way I've been talking about. I'm going to give it a try and see how this works.
I had a hectic day on Thursday and didn't get to have the studio time I needed so I won't be sharing Snaps from Thursday. However, I did come up with a different way to do business that will still satisfy customers so I'll be discussing that in another "in the studio" series post next week. Some changes will be made so stay tuned.

On Friday, though I wasn't in the greatest of spirits. I went to an event with the Heart Association that flipped my mood right around, reminding me of my purpose and calling. I am a proud heart survivor with a story and I attended their annual Go Red Luncheon. I plan to be a speaker for this cause. Motivational speaking is something I am so passionate about because I want to empower people, give others hope and also boost their confidence in themselves. The reason I design fashion is not because, "I love it", it's much more. Fashion is my way of life. I've dedicated the last ten years to making women love their clothing and also themselves by boosting their confidence and self-esteem. Fashion changed my life in many ways and each customer that comes through my studio I make sure leaves with an outfit that makes them feel confident. I donate red dresses to the American Heart Association because the red dress is most important to me. Here are some Snap shots of the Go Red Luncheon, but you gotta be following to see more video footage (Snapchat user: tessakoller).
The morning of the event on Friday, I woke at 6 AM and yes, I designed this dress at 7 AM. The event started at 10 AM and I arrived ( a tad fashionably late, ha!) but, I got there! The red dress I designed for the event had been put on a mannequin for their auction.
Local celebs and also other inspiring people were in the house (as they say). They had all of channel 12 there and a keynote speaker that worked with Oprah Winfrey (an honor to meet in person, by the way!) I enjoyed listening and taking in other people's stories and also asking them questions afterwards. Those events constantly remind me of my purpose on this planet.

Thanks so much for reading and following along on my Snap Style Series Week in Review post. Keep up for more Snap Series posts and subscribe to this blog for real inspiring fashion and lifestyle posts.

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