Tuesday, June 21, 2016

A Convertible Summer Dress That'll Do 3 Important Things

It's getting hot, hot, hot outside now and we are in the full swing of summer! While I love hot weather and prefer it over cold, I find myself always wanting to be in the shade and be at a comfortable temperature that is tolerable. Ninety plus degree weather can feel like you are cooking in an oven on 425 degrees. Really though, the sun is always cooking you and we aren't always prepared for it. One time I went to a concert back in the day (high school days) that was an all day event with over 20 live heavy metal bands (like Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath etc.) and I did not show up prepared. I forgot sunglasses, sunscreen, and by the end of the all day event, (will never do this again) I left the event looking as bright red as a lobster that has been thrown and cooked in boiling water. Not kidding you! My face and arms and legs were so burnt, I couldn't believe it. Yikes! I learned my lesson, lets just say. (I also learned to not go to heavy metal concerts to listen to angry people screaming), so I learned more than one lesson! Even though I was in high school when I attended that not so fun concert, still, even today I find myself forgetting those "summer essentials" that obviously you need, like sunscreen!

Those moments, however, made me wish I had outfits like the one I'm about to show you because whether you admit this or not, people are not always prepared for that sun. Wouldn't you love to have an outfit that did more than just "style" you up? When I create outfits, I am constantly thinking like the customer, what I think a customer wants. This new idea I've developed and design concept meets the needs of people in a way no other clothing item will. I like to call this a convertible dress, and have posted on this before in this post. My convertible dress can be worn in multiple ways and simply, easily adjusted.

A simple added element allows this one-of-a kind style to do three important things and here's what they are:

1. Protect your skin from the sun: The sun is wonderful to bask under, I know, but with all of those events I'm sure you got going on this season, you may not always be prepared. What's nice about this outfit, is you can totally pull over a very light layer that will shelter you from those harsh sun rays. Now days, people say if you want gorgeous, stunning skin, you've got to stay out of the sun! Since my skin is so fair, I can't last more than 10 minutes in the sun (without looking like a cooked lobster). I'm really wondering how I didn't get heat stroke at that concert I can't believe I went to.
2. Keep you cool, like you're always in the shade: The fabric on this garment is so light, the added layer over your shoulders, arms and body will create a gentle breeze while you move. The swing of the fabric as you walk has a cooling feel to it. And, the added layer will feel like you are sitting in the shade.
3. Can get wet without getting damaged: This dress (and fabric I use to create summer convertible dresses) exist for the purpose of protecting you from ALL weather, like rain. You can use the added layer attached on the back to cover your head and though you will get wet, the fabric acts like swim wear and the print and fabric itself won't get damaged. You could swim in this outfit (if you wanted) and if it was hot enough outside, would dry fast.
Like this dress and concept? You may find this outfit does quite a few other things too and you can really do what you please with it. The finished item will allow you to tie that added layer in the back which will create a pretty, subtle gather and have a little dress-up feel to it. The fabric is comfortable and has a relaxed feel as well. Why not look good and actually feel at ease in your clothing! Is this what you want to see in your clothes? Thanks for reading and be sure to subscribe to this blog because more posts are on their way you won't want to miss!

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