Wednesday, June 8, 2016

In The Studio: Happening Lately

Many things are happening in the studio which has kept me from the Internet lately. What I am heavily focusing on now is professionalizing my products and working on getting them into stores. I've reached my product number of over 100 prototype dresses and coats (hands together, I'm applauding too!) now it's time to get them produced to the masses! It's quite rewarding to reach such a high and I wanted a nice product amount so I can make beautiful catalogs, beautiful sell and line sheets, and see exactly how my products would fit into what stores. I've been taking apart and reconstructing my prototypes and perfecting them for upcoming product shoots.

Lately, I've stepped back from the creative side of fashion (the last few weeks) to study more in depth the business side of the industry. While it's one thing to be creatively strong, you also need to be strong on the business side.
The industry is ever-changing and while I don't necessarily design based on exhausted current trends, I honor the trends while doing something different at the same time. The problem with trends is following them is similar to being like everybody else, and that's not what my brand represents. I'm all about being different, unique and standing apart but still being true to the trends in a more timeless way. A style is timeless, trends are not. Actually, most trends last about six-ten months and then fade. Like on the radio, a really hot song has about six to eight months where it's really hot, but because it's "mainstream" the radio tires it out. After a certain period of time, that use to be "hot song" stops being requested and isn't so hot anymore. In turn, people are sick of it, just like they become sick of certain trends, and are desperate to either start a new trend or set a trend. What you want to consider doing is wearing more "styles" and timeless clothing. This is how the Tessa Koller brand operates. I design timeless styles that bridges the gap between contemporary and luxury with a frugal approach to the construction and distribution of these outfits.

Some other things I've noticed in business is, every single company has a blog and I want to be an influential person helping and inspiring my community. Originally, I started this blog to showcase my clothing in a different, unique light. Now, I want to do that and bring many other issues into the light that need discussion and awareness. Doing this has been my job for the last ten or more years and want to be more assertive and relentless in this pursuit.

The last few weeks people have been asking why I blog, and it's strictly to inspire, educate, and motivate you, whether it be through fashion or through lifestyle. Clothing is part of your lifestyle, how you dress impacts not only how you look, but how you feel about yourself. So, this blog will have some more categories added to it and a different, simpler arrangement so when you guys come here, you'll easily get access to everything. More in depth posts are coming: in lifestyle: a simple summery iced tea recipe of mine that'll have you energized all summer long, what all successful career women have in common and why, and how to pick yourself back up after trial and error experiences. Be sure to subscribe to my blog, you won't want to miss these posts. I am in the process of reworking to make it easier for you guys to buy my products. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more!

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