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I have changed my Snapchat Style Series Week in Review to Snapchat Style Series: Highlights. I will now be showcasing designer highlights of the week and it's been a breakthrough week design wise. As I said in my last post, I had taken a step back from the creative side of fashion to focus on the business side of the multifaceted industry. Thank god I did. A former colleague of mine motivated me to enhance every aspect of my brand from the marketing, to the photography, to understanding the process of getting your (my) clothing in stores. Now that I've got many more Snapchat (user: TessaKoller) followers, I'm sure you've seen this intense but rewarding progress that's been happening.

Starting Monday (6.6.16) morning, I photographed my clothing in different ways, starting on the hanger first. Bonus! My clothing has hanger appeal! CHECK! I went to some crazy extremes to have every item photographed on that day so I could make effective sell sheets. Sell sheets are what every designer or producer of prototypes creates to get their items sold to stores. There's so much to the process of making sell sheets so I won't bore you with the details. Just in the last seven days though, I conquered the most difficult aspect which was the photography. I took up to 20 years of photography, and each photo turned out pretty good.

On Tuesday I pretty much took it easy because well, I needed to. I've been on the grind pretty hard but, you shouldn't always be. On Tuesday, however, I took a trip back in time and visited the place I went to college, the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design (one of the top three art schools in the entire country, by the way). They were so gracious to let a former alumni (me, class of 2008) use an empty large studio room for the model, Mckenzie Leeder, and I to work in. Walking through those halls for sure triggered some past memories I thought were long gone like old critiques, goofy times in the halls with friends and so on. Plus, I enjoyed seeing new work from students I've never met hanging on the walls.

Also on Wednesday, if you saw on my Snapchat, I shared some paintings my partner in crime did. I'm such a fan of his art (not because I have to be) but because I love his painting style and he has a knack for art just like me. His two paintings, I even posted to Instagram because they had to be shared! I posted I'd be doing something awesome with the paintings and what I'll be doing is transforming them into wearable, original prints and chic outfits.
Also on Wednesday, I pulled out every single one of my dresses and coats, did touch ups to each item and prepped for my product photo shoot.
THEN, Thursday, I had a major breakthrough work day! I had the product shoot with model, Mckenzie Leeder at the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design studio. Not only is she an incredible model, she really brought each outfit to life and looked great in every prototype! Here's a few glimpses of the shoot and some glimpses of items from my fall 2016 collection you've never seen before! It's a convertible coat/dress.
FALL 2016
The photos are still in the editing phase, which not tedious at all, I love editing photos. It's another hidden passion of mine that's revealed itself to me over the past few years. Photo editing, well, I could do it in my sleep (I think I actually did at one point this week). AND, the other awesome part, I learned an awesome Photoshop hack that's allowed me to create beautiful, stark white backgrounds, and quickly! Did you see my Saturday's Snap story yesterday (user: tessakoller)? It's still live. I gave the hack away and did a quickie tutorial.

On Friday, I sat in front of the computer all day working on this white background technique on Photoshop and professionalized each image. The photos you see above are essential for a portfolio of polished prototypes. This entire week, though I felt physically horrible and as though I had been hit by a bus (seasonal allergies, anyone else got'em bad?) Despite that, this entire week was a highlight for me just about. Now, I've kicked my work into high gear and have been inspired to make a bunch of awesome convertible coats. Think about this: from coat to dress, from dress to coat. Like how that sounds? Me too.

When you do an entire product review of every single item you've produced, you see what you need to do more of or what's not working. Well, coats, they always are a hit. So guys, if you loved my coats, get ready because they are coming back with unique design concepts you've never seen before and will love! Also, hey, NO size restrictions too. Sound good? I design from size 0 to, well, up. If you love what you are reading and are new to this blog, do subscribe because exciting, beneficial lifestyle and fashion posts are on their way next week. Keep checking back and I hope you all are being careful in this hot, hot 90 degree weather and staying hydrated. Wow is it hot weather now! Happy Sunday and enjoy your day!

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