Sunday, June 19, 2016


An entrepreneur's life is always on the grind and always moving. This week for a couple of days, I had to get out of town (for personal reasons). While out though, still, I found time to produce illustrations for my website and truly get my site categorized and organized. I am heavily focused on making my website easily view-able to buyers and professionals in my industry.

The first two days of the week, Monday and Tuesday (if you followed my Snapchat: user tessakoller) you must have seen, most of my time I spent beefing up I even decided to be nice and give away some blogging and WordPress hacks, and even my secret Photoshop hacks (I will do more if you missed them). A brief overview though: I revealed my quick way to achieve a plain white background. Soon, I'll give away another tutorial on the quickest way to colorize a black and white photo. If you have a blog, which many of my Snapchat followers do, you will want to stay tuned for these tutorials. The photo below is an example of colorizing a black and white photo. If you noticed, I only colored my subject and left the background black and white. This was just for practice, so don't miss the tutorial which I will reveal this coming Monday! Don't miss!
If you are not following me on Snapchat, I guarantee, you are missing out. I am constantly revealing the secrets to living a full and healthy lifestyle while also balancing a work life. People think healthy living, blending smoothies, scheduling morning and evening rituals is just too hard or not worth the effort. Trust me, it IS worth the effort to do these things. I share the secrets to making these lifestyle practices simple yet beneficial and rewarding. If you have many stresses in your life, then this way of living you'll want to obtain. If you noticed, one day during the week, I took a long, long nature walk because of back discomfort and walked outside for a whole hour to eliminate stress. A nature walk is the best remedy for stress and helps you regain focus. In the last couple of months, I've started swimming to get in shape and more toned. After three days straight of swimming up to 40 minutes, I eliminated my back pain completely. My Snapchat will motivate you to be your healthiest person while making smart choices in your day-to-day work life.

So, moving on with my Snapchat Style Series (weekly) highlights post; I am so thrilled about what I accomplished on Monday and Tuesday with my website. Did you guys enjoy the fun WordPress tutorials? I hope so. Many people following me on Snapchat I know are using WordPress, so I hope those tips helped you! If you want more in depth tutorials, comment below and I'll make notes to do more. I read two whole books on website design and WordPress (and Blogger) and know a lot of secret little hacks! Throughout the week, my focus was on making custom menus in the footer (bottom) of my website and next week, I'll be redesigning every page on my website and simultaneously working on a catalog and sell sheets. I can't wait to dive in! 
From Tuesday evening to Thursday morning, I was out of town and returned loaded with appointments all day Thursday. By Friday, I finally received the custom pattern I created with this painting (below). On Snapchat I showed how I got custom patterns put on beautiful jersey fabric! My partner in crime painted this and I was obsessed, so I made it into a style. The color combos scream summer and just loved it!
Here is a glimpse of a unique convertible dress I am making (photo below).
It's not the best photo but it's a little glimpse of my biggest highlight of the week. 
Friday, I have to say, it was a hit! When that custom patterned fabric arrived in the mail, I immediately got designing. Creating custom patterns is something I always wanted to do. If you want something bad enough, you will get it. A talented friend of mine told me about this website that produces custom patterns on various fabrics and I got hooked on it! Now, it's endless the patterns I can create! 

I had a great week and am looking forward to what I plan to tackle next week! Also, be sure to subscribe to this blog and don't miss what's coming next, 5 Things Successful Women Do Daily10 Health Benefits of Meditation I've Noticed, and A Weekend Routine that'll Guarantee a Successful Week, and more good stuff! So stay tuned! 

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