Thursday, July 14, 2016

In The Studio: Happening Lately

A lot has been happening in the studio lately! An up date first: I am heading to Italy in a few days and can't believe it. I feel fortunate to be able to travel and visit places all over the world and Italy is a place I've always wanted to visit. We will be touring through Milan, Venic, Florence, Sirmione and more! Milan is a fashion capital, almost bigger than New York and I would be stupid to not visit there. I'll be doing a fashion show with the International 22Q Foundation, will be sharing my story, and I'll get to meet a ton more people! This is what I've been prepping for in the studio this week as well and making clothing for the fashion show in Italy.

While I am really excited to go, to be honest, I am not a good airplane flyer. People tend to hate me after long flights (gulp!) so, I promise I'll do something to make me sleep the majority of this flight! Or, stay really, really busy! I usually can't sleep on flights. Don't know why, but the travel too is always the hardest. The last few weeks I've been hardcore strengthening my immune system and keeping my diet crystal clear hoping to prevent getting jet-lag related sick. Every country I'd travel to, the first two days or so I'd be so jet-lagged that I'd feel sick and hated that. With my immune-gut boosting diet, let's see if my efforts minimize the jet-lag discomforts. I'll keep you posted on how that goes; do be following my Snapchat user: tessakoller. Hopefully I can Snap while out of the country, we'll see! My Snapchat is definitely one to follow!

Moving on...I am SO thrilled about the work I produced this week, wow! At first, I was afraid to attempt to create clothing for children. I attempted one time before and didn't go well, so I went and bought some kid's patterns and worked off those. Funny how far off those pattern measurements are. One measurement read: waist: 21", hip 27". Like come on; kids do not have hour glass figures! Those measurements are so darn wrong it's unbelievable but, they helped me get torso measurements and I worked from those. So the measurements should actually have read: waist: 21, hip: 22.5 or 23. That would be more accurate. Ugh! But, the creative process went smooth once I got to sewing! Check out the items below!

If you saw my Snapchat, you see why I was nervous making a bunch of kids clothes on such short notice. I am not one to just go on a whim and do it. Since I needed to make fast decisions, I did a lot of planning using those pre-made patterns, made a bunch of my own patterns based off of those out of plastic and worked from them. I wound up making 9 or 10 kids dresses and will be showing 25-30 outfits at the fashion show in Italy. I am really anticipating this trip! And, I hope to god these outfits actually fit kids! I'm sure they will!

Enjoy this post? Keep up to date and subscribe to this blog because about five or six posts are on the way including: A Weekend Routine That'll Guarantee a Successful Week and the 10 benefits of Meditation (I've Personally Noticed), so stay tuned, lots of good stuff. Take note though, while traveling around Italy I may not be able to get posts published while on the run. You know how traveling is I'm sure...always on the move! When I return and am settled, by August 2nd I'll have more posts up! This is the place to be for the latest in everything fashion and unique approaches to conducting your lifestyle. If you are new to the blog, do reach out and comment. What do you think about these little kid designs I made? Would your kid want these looks? Let me know. I actually truly enjoyed making these dresses for kids! Can't wait to watch everything manifest! Thanks for reading!

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