Monday, December 26, 2016

A Recap and Coming Up In 2017

Ah, 2017 is on the horizon with under one week left of 2016 and I must say, thank god! So much happened in 2016.

Truth be told, 2016 was a roller-coaster of a year for me. Really high, highs and extremely low, lows. In the last five months, I've been kept from this blog because of head-to-toe body pain which prevented me from typing (still quite painful so using a program to type for me) but, let's do a  brief recap and share what's coming in the new year.

First, I must say, my 2016 year began with a difficult recovery from lung surgery as a result of a pneumothorax. All I've got to say about that: ouch. Just, ouch. I dealt with physical pain I never could have imagined and won't take any time describing the challenging six-month recovery. One thing I learned in those six challenging months, though: LISTEN TO YOUR BODY! This might be a given, but many don't do this and honestly, in 2016, I was the YES girl and said yes to some things I should have said no to. (So, I'll be talking about the things I was happy to say yes to). 

By late April, I was swimming and exercising regularly and I took on many projects. One of those projects included making a prom dress, which, that's one project I was thrilled to say yes to. Was it the biggest challenge I've ever taken on? Yes. But, I learned a great deal from it. I learned more about sewing with delicate materials and executed this prom dress to perfection for my customer. Now, I love making special occasion dresses which I may do more of in 2017.  

By the summer time, I was fully recovered from lung surgery, planning a trip to Italy with this incredible organization (another opportunity I'm SO glad I said yes to) and sewing up outfits for children, another learning curve. Designing clothes for children, not like designing for adult women, but actually, I found it to be quite fun. This is also something I may explore more because that's a pretty good market to target. 

In July of 2016, I traveled out to Italy and visited multiple cities in two weeks. It was the most fast paced trip of my life but, I saw so much. My family and I visited first: Venice, Burano, Murano (and more Venice islands) then, Verona, Siena, Assisi, Sirmione, and Florence. Check out some pics below.


I want to show more photos but don't want to post a bunch just yet. We didn't see much of Verona and were exhausted by the time we got there. In 2017, more Italy posts are also still coming which I'll release in January. I wanted to do the posts earlier, but physical pain prevented me from writing on this blog for months. 

By the time August hit, I was utterly wiped out. At the end of September, early October, I started experiencing tremendous pain and swelling in my arms, my hands, my legs, feet and more. Between August and early December, I pretty much took a hiatus from everything because of health reasons. In my down time, I explored fiction writing which I use to do a lot of growing up. 

I began using a program that types for me and in three months, I wrote the first draft of a novel I'm thrilled about! It's a mystery novel and I've always wanted to write a mystery. It took a long time to come up with an idea for one but, I did, and I've got the second draft fully edited and am moving on to the third draft of editing. It takes many drafts to get something perfect enough before moving on to the next level. I'll be keeping the details of this novel a mystery though until I'm well beyond the querying process.

Writing, as you can probably tell, has been a long time passion of mine, but I never truly pursued it. After my near death experience last Christmas, I'm actively pursuing all of my passions and not leaving anything out. 

More things coming up in 2017 include: I'll be making custom prints and patterns, finishing up my catalog and will be submitting to as many stores possible, and am exploring online store possibilities. It's difficult to decide the best online stores and I tried one for a while, but ugh, was not a good one. 

And another thing... an article of mine will be appearing in a huge magazine called xoJane, possibly in the next week or two in which I discuss my mental health struggles, a past suicide attempt (in 2008) and how I've implemented five things that keep me, well, happy! People do not talk about suicide enough and it's an important topic.

Though 2016 was an incredibly challenging year, a lot of amazing things happened too. It's a bit of a yin-yang and a roller-coaster, but life generally is that way. It's important to focus on the positive. The things that didn't go so great, learn from that. Also, every single thing you do is a learning experience and that's my takeaway from 2016. In 2017, I'll definitely be more mindful in general. 

Happy New Year and more posts are coming your way!  

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